ISPI Performance Digest
Dec. 10, 2013

Motivation for change
Change is a fact of work life that challenges employees to learn, adapt and integrate new skills and information. And worker motivation is a critical component of successful change. Frequently, motivation is construed as more complex than it has to be and is addressed in elaborate ways that impede progress and scare people. Learn how to easily make motivation your staunch ally at the work/process/practice organizational level.More

ISPI announces a new SkillCast season
Are you finding it a challenge to keep up, professionally? Got a stack of books and articles you keep meaning to get to? Let ISPI provide that vital professional boost with our new SkillCast series. The new season begins with an hourlong webinar: "An HPT Model with an ROI Approach," led by ISPI past president and chair of the ROI Institute, Jack Phillips, PhD. More

5 tips to launch your career as an e-learning freelancer
Articulate Network
Making the leap from the company nest to freelance life can be nerve-wracking, for sure. The good news is a lot of people made the jump before you, and they've been kind enough to share what worked, what didn't and general things you should know about e-learning freelancing.More

Culture's critical role in change management
Culture's reputation as being among the "softer" instruments of management might lead you to conclude it's a luxury — something that gets attention in buzz-conscious Silicon Valley but occupies more of a background position everywhere else. Yet culture is critical to business success, according to the 2013 Culture and Change Management Survey. More

Knowledge, power and the historic shift in work and organizational design
Change Agents Worldwide
Setting aside issues such as what exactly knowledge is, and the many forms of manipulating information and knowledge in order to affect behavior, voting outcomes, investment decisions and such, the phrase "Knowledge is power" has been conventional wisdom ever since Sir Francis Bacon first noted it in 1651. The speed at which information now travels, however, has changed the balance of power everywhere — including the workplace.More

9 last-minute ideas for an epic office holiday party
Check In Easy
It's here: holiday office party time. With only weeks until Christmas, planners are busy putting together what we hope is the most epic company holiday party ever. Some really cool trends might help pour a little fun on an otherwise boring party.More

Holiday sale: Get half off Wiley books
ISPI and Pfeiffer are partnering to bring you a special limited-time sale on Wiley books. As an ISPI member, any book you order directly from Wiley through January 2014 will be 50 percent off. That includes publications from all of the great Wiley brands you know and love, including Pfeiffer, For Dummies, Jossey-Bass and more! Shop ISPI favorites, and find much more at Use ISP52 when checking out to get your ISPI discount!More