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Performance Digest
Feb. 10, 2009
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The Fast Track to Performance Breakthroughs: Testing Improvement Ideas in Advance
from Industry Week
A multi-billion dollar packaging manufacturer reduced manufacturing waste by half and decreased machine setup time by 35 percent, providing millions of dollars in additional profit. Across industries and geographies -- chemical plants in Texas, paper companies in Maine, telecommunications companies in Illinois and Colorado, and refineries in Alaska -- a cost-effective, breakthrough approach to improvement called MVT (multivariable testing) has produced similarly dramatic gains in productivity and quality. More

Small Business Owners Can Thrive by Separating Importance and Urgency
from Kansas City Star
Small business owners face incredible demands on their personal and professional time. According to a recent Reuters survey, leaders of companies with fewer than 20 employees displayed the largest work-life imbalance. Identifying and addressing your business priorities is critical to growing a healthy business operation and pursuing personal goals. More

HR Strategy Needs to 'Get Real'
from Personnel Today
Perhaps the balance in the whole employer/employee relationship that we've established has been wrong. Will we start to see a return to HR strategy predicated on a more honest notion that the world doesn't owe any of us a living, that we have to earn our rewards and perhaps expect less in the way of entitlements? Having equal rights to a job does not create one. More

Improve Employee Performance With Building 360
from PR Web
With all the failing businesses and a growing lack of trust in those who are in leadership positions, author Lawrence John Cipolla contends, "Organizations do not change on their own. People within the organization need to effect change first. As the individual becomes more effective, so does the organization." The insights and methodology in Mr. Cipolla's book, Building 360 Performance-Based 360-Degree Assessments: From Design to Delivery, can realign the corporate culture and performance of employees with what the organization needs to be doing to thrive and prosper. Building 360 identifies how to hold personnel at all levels accountable for their actions. More

Soldiers to Streamline Work Operations Using Process Improvement Methods
from News Blaze
I did not want to take the training. My boss chose me to go to Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt training, and by chose I mean everyone higher than me on the totem pole was conveniently unavailable. More

Study: Can Games Improve Workplace Collaboration
from PC World
Play games, work harder, work harder, play games, sounds like the dream job, right? That's what an intrepid National Science Foundation grant and some researchers at the University of California, Irvine are hoping to determine. With a substantial $3 million in funding, UC Irvine plans to study "how emerging forms of communication, including multiplayer computer games and online virtual worlds such as World of Warcraft and Second Life can help organizations collaborate and compete more effectively in the global marketplace." More

Globalizing E-learning: A World of Opportunity
from Personnel Today
Organizations with a global presence will want e-learning provision that can be rolled out worldwide. Yet they must remember local niceties. Rolling out globalized e-learning systems requires paying due attention to local issues, but according to Vincent Belliveau, EMEA general manager for Cornerstone OnDemand, "there's no need to reinvent the wheel each time." More

Uncompromising Leadership in Tough Times
from Working Knowledge
Economic difficulties need not mean that we lower our standards for leadership. If anything, we should raise our sights. New work by HBS professor Michael Beer and colleagues shows that there is still a place for what they term uncompromising leadership. Due out this summer, the book High Commitment, High Performance: How to Build a Resilient Organization for Sustained Advantage describes organizations that, Beer says, "are diametrically opposite to the firms we saw fail on Wall Street. More

Quality Improvement in Small Office Settings: An Examination of Successful
from 7th Space
Physicians in small to moderate size practices face unique challenges in implementing quality improvement (QI) initiatives, including limited resources, small staffs, and inadequate information technology systems. This qualitative study sought to identify and understand the characteristics and organizational cultures of physicians working in smaller practices who are actively engaged in measurement and quality improvement initiatives. More

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