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Performance Digest
Feb. 17, 2009
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If You Want to Increase Employee Productivity and Retention: Read This!
from CNN Money
Engaging employees early in their career with a new company is essential to employee satisfaction, retention, and performance, says data from the latest Human Capital Management benchmark report from Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company. Effective onboarding of new employees is so crucial that 50 percent of more than 600 human resources, talent management, and line of business executives surveyed and interviewed by Aberdeen in December 2008 and January 2009 for this study indicate that the current state of the economy will increase the importance their organization places on onboarding in 2009. More

An Easier Way to Enforce Data Governance Compliance
from B Eye Network
The deployment of accurate enterprise data for business value depends not only on the effectiveness with which the data is improved and maintained, but also on the effectiveness with which that data is governed. If data quality were easy to control, we would not need data governance; ironically, however, if that were truly the case, a data quality improvement effort would not be necessary in the first place. More

Management Briefing: Change Management
from The Times
The public sector is trying to change too much too fast without making sure that it has the right people or resources to do it. Research by Veronica Hope Hailey, director of the Change Management Consortium at Cass Business School, paints a picture of a sector overwhelmed by change. One public sector organisation that she studied was attempting to manage a merger, structural changes, a cultural transformation, downsizing, a lean management programme and a leadership change all at once, when any one of them would have been a challenge on its own. More

Workforce Management: Right Person, Right Place, Right Time
from Accountingweb
Workforce planning is vital during a recession if organizations want to come out on top when the downturn finally ends. HR professional Lynda Lewendon outlines the strategies that need to be in place now to weather the storm. Never have staff levels been under such stringent scrutiny, together with all other overhead costs. We are currently going through a period of unprecedented economic and financial turmoil. As with every other recession, however, it is those organizations that are well managed which will come out on top and be best placed to capitalize on the growth opportunities that present themselves both during the economic downturn (yes, the winners will be looking to take advantage now) and when the upturn eventually comes. More

Why Performance Management? Part 1
from B Eye Network
We spend a good deal of time discussing how to do performance management right and which vendors to consider. It isnít often that we review why companies are doing business performance management (BPM) in the first place. In our annual BPM Pulse survey, we always find that about 20-25 percent of companies do not currently have any plans to pursue performance management. This monthís article is for them, to let them see what they may be missing. It is also for the majority of the remaining 75-80 percent that are only focusing on a narrow slice of performance management. More

The E-learning Diet: Not Recommended for Long Term Results
Like the Atkins diet, numerous boybands and the dot-com bubble, is elearning no more than just a passing fad? Rob Chapman pulls no punches in this outspoken opinion piece about the fate of the elearning industry. But why? In order to assess its downfall, we need to take a step back. In the late 1990s, elearning was the darling of the training market. Loved by employees for its flexibility and finance directors for its low cost, it was the perfect way to learn that suited everyone, with no drawbacks. More

Demand for Performance, Strategy Management Software Will Grow
from Search SAP
The demand for business performance management tools isn't likely to suffer as much as ERP in this recession, according to a recent Forrester Research report. While 2009 certainly won't be a banner year for business performance vendors as companies delay deals or opt for fewer licenses, the market for business performance management tools is outperforming big-ticket ERP software. Companies need business performance applications to run their businesses -- to manage finances and to help with budgeting, forecasting and measuring business goals, according to Paul Hamerman, vice president, principal analyst at the Cambridge, Mass.-based research firm. More

The Just-in-time Performance Review
from Globe and Mail
Around the office, you may have noticed that your twentysomething employees need feedback - plenty of it and seemingly all the time. It's part of the mindset of the Net Generation - those under 30 just entering or relatively new to the work force, who have grown up digital. Since childhood, they've been immersed in digital technology - the Internet, mobile phones and social networks, often all running at the same time. This digital technology is, at its very core, interactive, and it has shaped the Net Generation's ways of doing things. They've grown up connected. So they expect a two-way conversation, not a lecture from a parent, teacher or employer. More

Why You Should Know About Human Resource Management
from Real Business
As an company grows, itís important to ensure that anyone in a managerial position, particularly those at line manager level, have a good understanding of the theories and application of human resource management (HRM) Ė the discipline of people and performance. The main aim of any training in this area should be to give participants an understanding of, and familiarity with, the elements that make up HRM. Ideal outcomes should be for the participants to be able to analyse HRM practices within an organization and to be able to make suggestions for improvement. More

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