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Performance Digest
March 3, 2009
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Grow Your Power, Boost Your Influence
from MSNBC
Do you want to be more influential and powerful? Do you want your employees, your customers and your vendors to listen to what you have to say and do what you want them to do? We all do. Everyone wants to make an impact on the world; it only seems natural. But many of us don't know how to do it. If you're like most entrepreneurs who want to increase their effect on others, then you need to know the right steps. More

Tips for Improving Organizational Performance Through Successful Employee Goal Setting
from Talent Management
SumTotal Systems Inc., a provider of talent development solutions, released 10 tips HR managers can use to drive better organizational alignment for improved performance across their companies. “With the current economic forecast, it is now more important than ever to make sure employees’ goals reflect the organization’s overall goals to ensure everyone is working toward the same mission,” said Richard Oyen, director of HR and talent development. More

Beat Performance (Review) Anxiety
Even the best worker has something they need to improve on and that's the entire point of a performance review -- to address weak spots and create a plan for professional growth. It's that time of year again -- but this time, you won't be the nervous employee sweating bullets and chewing his nails in the boss's office. More

Avoid Self-handicapping at Work, Advises Management Professor
If you're looking to keep your job in these tough economic times, you might want to avoid talking about how your firm's cutbacks will make it harder for you to do your work. That's because those who regularly articulate workplace handicaps don't get much sympathy from co-workers, according to an Iowa State University management professor who has studied self-handicapping in the workplace. More

Becoming a Better Leader: How to Use Self-Analysis and Self-Improvement to Boost Your Leadership Skills
from PR Newswire
Leadership skills are a key component in the attainment of a successful life, and a person cannot become an effective leader without knowing who they really are. In the new book, "Self-Confrontation, Self-Discovery, Self-Authenticity, and Leadership: Discover Who You Are And Transform The Leader In You" (published by AuthorHouse), Patrick Chudi Okafor combines the process of developing facility for leadership with an invitation to self-discovery, self-growth, and self-empowerment. More

Saving Your Job, 10 Tips to Survive
from The Arizona Republic
The United States shed 2.6 million jobs in 2008, with Arizona losing 115,000 jobs during that time - a higher percentage than every other state except for Rhode Island. Companies are expected to keep cutting through 2009, especially as the economy contracts at its quickest pace in decades. "People's productivity is being affected," said Dean Newlund, president of Phoenix-based Mission Facilitators International Inc. "It's hard to think clearly when you're depressed, when you're concerned about your job." More

Nigeria: 'Human Capital Development, Key to Seven-Point Agenda'
President Umaru Musa Yar'adua has identified human capital development as a major pillar of his government's 7-point agenda. He assured of government's determination to ensure that the county's universities were equal to the task. More

e-Learning Market Comes of Age in India
Corporate India is finally awaking to the benefits of e-learning largely due to its adeptness for imparting training on standard processes such as induction. Also, employees in Indian organizations will need to be trained more frequently to gain expertise. Another reason for its increasing adoption is that it offers flexibility of broadcasting across geography, said Jonu Rana, GM of QAI, an IT consulting firm that offers its solutions through e-platforms. More

Manufacturing Excellence: Lean and Sick
from Quality Magazine
In the mid-80s, I learned about the practice of just in time (JIT) from the best practices at Japanese companies. To me, JIT focused on responsiveness to customer needs by reducing waste and streamlining processes. It gave a new name to the Toyota Production System (TPS) and a set of good tools. However, I feel that the word lean undid all of that. Look what our economy has become: We are lean and we are sick. More

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