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Performance Digest
March 17, 2009
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Six Sigma to Cut Costs
from CIO
Six Sigma has never been a cost cutting tool; however, a proper implementation of the various tools and techniques of Six Sigma can help businesses reduce the costs of operations. More

Job-Bias Claims Soar to Record High in 2008, EEOC Says
from Workforce
Employment discrimination claims soared 15 percent to a record high in the fiscal year that ended September 30 and will probably surge again this year, propelled by the recession, said a spokesman for Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. "Historically, whenever there’s been a severe economic downturn, charges have usually spiked the next year," spokesman David Grinberg said in an interview. More

A Renaissance for Government Work?
from Workforce Management via AllBusiness
President Obama hasn't exhorted Americans to ask themselves what they can do for their country. But early indications are that he has inspired them to consider working for their country. The administration, however, faces the same recruiting, retention and development challenges that have bedeviled its predecessors in managing the huge federal bureaucracy, which totaled 1 .9 million executive branch employees in 2008. More

Study Finds Most Companies Unprepared for Upcoming Leadership Gap
from Talent Management
CPP Inc. recenlty announced the results of its worldwide study on workplace leadership. The study shows that organizations worldwide face strikingly similar challenges regarding workforce and succession management. More

Help Your Team Build Resilience
from Harvard Business Publishing
Horton Foote, a Pulitzer Prize winning playwright and Academy Award-winning screenwriter, died recently at the age of 92. Through his words, Foote often highlighted the resilience of the human condition, emphasizing that we are very capable of enduring hardship. Managers need to kindle this spirit of resilience in the workplace. More

Productivity Guru Faces Changes of Downturn
from The Associated Press
Eight years after it was published, David Allen's "Getting Things Done" is still one of the top 100 best-sellers on The slim volume, subtitled "The Art of Stress-Free Productivity," has become a self-help Bible in Silicon Valley and corporate boardrooms nationwide. But as Allen stood before hundreds of followers at the first-ever "Getting Things Done" summit recently, the stress was self-evident. More

Link Individual Performance to Organizational Goals
from Talent Management
Organizations that focus on harnessing individual potential are likely to be more competitive than their peers. Goal management can help organizations manage employee performance in a strategic, effective way. The economy and the changing nature of work itself have given the importance of goal setting new life. Goals can help an organization and its employees focus on the most important and pressing priorities. More

Teaming with Productivity Potential
from the American Management Association
You're not in this alone; your teammates stand ready to help. As the economic malaise continues to take its toll on organizations, teamwork may be one of the best avenues for increasing productivity. In fact, a new Institute for Corporate Productivity survey shows that, among companies that expect their productivity to rise over the next six months, over a third (35 percent) attribute their expectations at least partially to better teamwork. More

Building a Culture of Employee Development
from Human Resource Executives
Training and career-development activities are among the most important factors influencing employees' engagement and commitment. In this economy, some organizations may make the mistake of shifting their focus away from such opportunities. Instead, HR leaders should create stronger cultures for development. More

Data Mining Moves to Human Resources
from BusinessWeek
Using sophisticated mathematics, HR departments are learning new ways to determine the value of each employee. The chart looks like colorful pop-art doughnuts flying through space. The message, though, is anything but playful. Based on a mathematical analysis of work at an undisclosed Internet company, each circle represents an employee. More

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