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Performance Digest
Dec. 23, 2008
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A Better Approach to Employment
from JoongAng Daily
The year is drawing to its end. It will soon be time to hang up a new calendar, but with the economic outlook so gloomy, this doesn't feel very exciting. People are suffering for a variety of reasons but unemployment is particularly serious. It wasn't easy to create new jobs when economic growth was at around 5 percent. Now that even 3 percent growth seems acceptable, many are worried that existing jobs will cease to exist. Jobs can be created when there are new employers and when the conditions are right to hire. Looking at many countries, it is proven that people flock to places where there are jobs. Those countries where it is easy to employ people have more abundant jobs. More

Business Process Improvement can become a National Competency
from ebizQ
You hear the words "It's a Services Economy" bandied about with abandon in newspapers, and by experts in the media. With the recent downturn in the Global Economy, nd many countries realizing that manufacturing is not something you can just ignore and adopt services alone and be any kind of economic power to contend with. The Catch 22 is that for manufacturing to become a core competency, a lot of battles in the cost structure have to be waged before they become viable. At least when oil was $147 a barrel, it may have been too expensive to ship raw material to China, and ship finished goods back. More

Ten Reasons IT Certification will be Important in 2009
from Tech Republic
Many technology professionals believe IT certifications reached their peak during the height of the dot-com boom. But such a mindset may well prove shortsighted. The subsequent dot-com bomb led to an exodus of certified technicians from the industry. Then, as the dust settled, IT certifications were reworked. Accreditations were better mapped to real-world needs and expertise. Program flaws were eliminated. Training programs improved. Now, in turbulent economic times, IT certifications will provide more relevance than ever before. With unprecedented bailouts, widespread cost and workforce reductions, and a slew of new platforms being released, IT accreditations will assume renewed importance in 2009. Here are 10 reasons why IT certifications will prove important in 2009. More

Looking for a Few Good Millennials
from Franchise Update
Even with a billion young people entering the global workforce over the next 10 years, we still face the tough challenge of hiring top talent for our organizations. Attracting, recruiting, and retaining top talent are challenges I faced as director of talent services (recruiting) at Wal-Mart. Recruiting has become more than just building relationships; it is about producing ROI and justifying expenses made throughout the process. More

Six Sigma Certification Booms as Employment Busts
from MSNBC
As unemployment claims have reached a 26-year high, American families have begun preparing for what could be an economic depression. To many of the working-class, this means taking on second jobs to make ends meet. But an increasing number of workers are updating their skills to ensure that they are not on their employer's next roster of layoffs. More

Companies 'Should Hang On to Talent'
from All Africa
Companies should nurture and retain talent in times of economic constraint or they could find themselves missing a middle management when good times return to the economy, say human capital analysts. Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, MD of Jack Hammer Executive Headhunters, said on Friday that skills development, training and mentorship programs were on the list of "nice-to-haves but not critical investments" in companies looking to trim costs. More

Firms Lack Visionary Leaders
from Viet Nam News
A shortage of qualified human resources has become a serious issue for many businesses. Senior university lecturers spoke to VietnamNet online about solutions to the problem. First of all, there needs to be a clear understanding of the definition of highly qualified human resources. These people have acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge and hold important positions in enterprises. These people must also have good skills and rich work experiences in order to be managers. However, it does not mean that they must be people with top technical skills, but they must have leadership skills and a broad vision. More

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