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Mar. 19, 2015

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An open letter to HHS Secretary Burwell on ethically increasing organ donation

An open letter to the US HHS Secretary has been published in the February 2015 issue of Transplantation Direct. The letter outlines the need to remove obstacles to organ donation, a suggestion to appoint a new task force on organ donation and transplantation, and a stance that financial incentives for donation would violate global standards and will not work. Read the letter in Transplantation Direct and learn more on The Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism website. More

Updated Resource from ITNS: A Guide to Your Health Care After Kidney Transplantation
This handbook is designed as a general reference for care after kidney transplantation. Transplant centers often have different care routines, monitoring guidelines, and immunosuppressive routines following kidney transplant. The handbook also has tools for your patients to keep track of their medications, maintain contact with their transplant team, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and track follow-up appointments.

Members can purchase a PDF download* of the handbook in the ITNS online store for only $5.
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ITNS Call for Nominations
Are you devoted to the vision of ITNS? Do you have a desire to contribute to your association's development? Build your professional reputation and share your expertise by applying to join the ITNS Board of Directors in 2015. Leaders are responsible for guiding the association, anticipating change in the transplant environment and addressing the interests and needs of members.

If you are interested in applying for a leadership position and becoming a vital part in shaping the future of transplant nursing, review the information about becoming a candidate. The deadline to receive completed candidate applications is Monday, April 13, 2015 at 6 PM Eastern Standard Time (USA).More

Call for hospitals to learn from 'freakish' kidney transplant deaths
The Guardian
Family members of two transplant patients who died after being given donor kidneys infected with parasitic worms have urged the implementation of a coroner's recommendations. Robert Stuart, 67, and Darren Hughes, 42, died days apart after each being given a renal organ from the same alcoholic who died of suspected meningitis. Tests on their bodies later uncovered the presence of an extremely rare parasite usually found in horses. There have only ever been five cases in humans all of which have proved fatal.More

Canada: Doctors worry how organ donations will be affected by Supreme Court ruling on assisted suicide
National Post
As the nation awaits legalized doctor-assisted death, the transplant community is grappling with a potential new source of life-saving organs — offered by patients who have chosen to die. Some surgeons say every effort should be made to respect the dying wishes of people seeking assisted death, once the Supreme Court of Canada ruling comes into effect next year, including the desire to donate their organs.More

Organ transplant facilities lacking in Andhra Pradesh's government hospitals
Times of India
Lack of organ transplant and retrieval facility in government teaching hospitals in Andhra Pradesh is forcing hundreds of patients in the state to depend on private hospitals. The only government-run hospital in the state that has the facility to harvest and transplant organs is the Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences in Tirupati.More

Man gets world's first successful penis transplant after botched circumcision
The Guardian
A 21-year-old man in South Africa recently received the world's first successful penis transplant and accepts the organ as his own, doctors said. The operation took a team of surgeons nine hours and has allowed the patient to become sexually active.More

CUMC researchers identify mechanism of kidney transplant tolerance
The Medical News
Columbia University Medical Center researchers have pinpointed the immune system mechanism that allows a kidney transplant to be accepted without lifelong immunosuppressive drugs, a significant step toward reducing or eliminating the need for costly and potentially toxic immunosuppressant drugs and improving long-term transplant success.More

Using social media to advance the nursing profession
By Keith Carlson
In the 21st century, it's a given that social media is a ubiquitous tool used equally by professionals, businesses, corporations and laypeople. While many forms of social media may be perceived as being superficial or lacking in depth, the nursing profession has seen a veritable explosion of salient and powerful social media use by individual nurses and nursing organizations. While a casual user can easily follow news about the latest dance craze or cat videos, the serious professional can just as easily find a plethora of useful and applicable information.More