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Jul. 17, 2014

Make your hotel reservation for the Annual ITNS Symposium
All symposium activities will take place at the JW Marriot Houston. A block of rooms has been contracted at a special ITNS rate of $149 USD per night, which will apply until 28 August 2014, or when the room block is filled. At that point, other rates may apply.

Book your room online at the ITNS rate or call 1-888-236-2427 to make a reservation. Register for the Annual ITNS Symposium before 19 August to save $50!More

Need pharmacology hours? Register for the Annual ITNS Symposium!
If you need pharmacology hours, don't miss the Pharmacology for Transplant Nurses Presymposium session! The presymposium will cover evidence-based guidelines, drug-specific information, safe prescribing practices, safe medication administration, and more! Register for the full 8-hours or a 4-hour session. Save $50 when you register for the 8-hour presymposium and full ITNS symposium! View the symposium brochure and agenda to learn more!More

8 August- Deadline for ITNS Award Nominations
Take a few minutes of your time to nominate a colleague for an ITNS award! The prestigious Transplant Nursing Excellence Award and the Friend of Transplant Nursing Award will be presented at the Annual Symposium, to be held 27-29 September 2014.

Learn more about the awards and submit a nomination today!

Nurse empowerment: We need a workforce that accepts nothing but excellence
Colleen Villamin, a clinical resource nurse, writes: "It has occurred to me recently that many nurses feel powerless to address daily issues that affect patient safety and nurse satisfaction. I often hear grumblings ranging from difficult nursing assistants who do not give baths to medical teams who do not address end of life issues until the time of an impending code. The phrase "'that's the way it is'" implies that nurses are powerless to change behaviors that negatively affect patients and drive nurses away from the bedside. More

To accept or not accept: Patients want a say in liver transplant decisions
Medical Xpress
A novel study reveals that more than half of liver transplant patients want to be informed of donor risk at the time a liver is offered for transplantation. Nearly 80 percent of those patients want to be involved in the decision of whether or not to accept the organ according to findings published in Liver Transplantation, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases and the International Liver Transplantation Society.More

Study: Split liver transplants as successful as whole organ transplants
Fox News
Of the nearly 16,000 people on waiting lists for a liver transplant, approximately 10 percent die before they are chosen for surgery. One solution for this organ shortage is a split liver transplant, where the donor liver is divided and transplanted into two patients. And now, new research from the Cleveland Clinic has found that this split-liver technique has a five-year survival rate comparable to that of whole liver surgery.More

Toddler facing new battle after 5-organ transplant
Bay News 9
A 3-year-old boy who survived a five-organ transplant is fighting a new battle. Adonis Ortiz's doctors told his mother his body is beginning to reject one of his organs. Adonis' mother shared the news on Facebook last night, with a giggling Adonis by her side.More

Nurse firing highlights hazards of social media in hospitals
ABC News
One of the most dramatic scenes so far from the second season of ABC's New York Med had nothing to do with gunshot wounds or heart transplants. It came when emergency room nurse Katie Duke was fired for posting a photo to Instagram. The photo captured a messy but empty trauma room that had been used to treat a man hit by a New York City subway train. Duke posted the photo with the caption "#Man vs 6 train." More

Doctors more likely to register as organ donors compared to the general public
Medical Daily
Many people fear that if they are a registered organ donor then their doctor will not treat them to the best of their ability in the event of a life-threatening condition. It is estimated that less than 40 percent of the public are registered organ donors in most countries. A recent study published in JAMA has revealed that a significantly larger proportion of physicians in Canada are registered for organ and tissue donation compared to members of the general public.More

Novel protocol including liver biopsy to identify and treat CD8+ T-cell predominant acute hepatitis and liver failure
John Wiley & Sons Ltd via PubMed
In the majority of children with ALF, the etiology is unknown and liver transplantation is often needed for survival. A patient case prompted scientists to consider that immune dysregulation may be the cause of indeterminate acute hepatitis and liver failure in children. This study includes nine pediatric patients treated under a multidisciplinary clinical protocol to identify and treat immune-mediated acute liver injury.More