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Jul. 25, 2013

Register for the 22nd Annual ITNS Symposium
Join us in the beautiful Washington, D.C., area for the 22nd Annual ITNS Symposium. Plan your trip and book your hotel arrangements by the 16 August 2013 deadline to get the discounted ITNS room rate. There are plenty of ways to save including symposium registration and airline reservations. Check the Annual ITNS Symposium webpage often for updates and additional information.More

ISN - TTS Sister Transplant Centre Program application deadline: 15 September 2013
The International Society of Nephrology via The Transplantation Society
The International Society of Nephrology and The Transplantation Society are pleased to inform you that next application deadline for the Sister Transplant Center Program is 15 September 2013. Applications are now open for three new pairs to enter the Program.More

2013 Transplant Nursing Excellence Award
The International Transplant Nurses Society recognizes that the role of the transplant nurse is unique and dealing with patients through the transplant continuum is often complex and challenging. ITNS wishes to recognize a special nurse whose career has exemplified the mission of ITNS: "...promotion of excellence in transplant clinical nursing through the provision of educational and professional growth opportunities, interdisciplinary networking, collaborative activities and transplant nursing research."

The Transplant Nursing Excellence Award is offered yearly and presented at the Annual Symposium, held this year from 21-23 September in Washington, D.C.

Submit a nomination today! All nominations must be received by 9 August, 2013 .More

Looking to share your expertise?
In an effort to enhance the overall content of the ITNS Insider, we'd like to include peer-written articles in future editions. As a member of ITNS, your knowledge of the industry lends itself to unprecedented expertise. And we're hoping you'll share this expertise with your peers through well-written commentary. Because of the digital format, there's no word or graphical limit and our group of talented editors can help with final edits. If you're interested in participating, please contact Ronnie Richard to discuss logistics.More

Report documents rabies transmission from organ transplant
University of Michigan Health System
A recent investigation into the source of a fatal case of raccoon rabies virus exposure showed the individual received the virus via a kidney transplant 18 months earlier, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. More

Study: Patients fare well in trauma recovery despite organ transplants
The Baltimore Sun
Maryland Shock Trauma Center patients who had previously undergone kidney, liver, lung and other organ transplants recovered as well as the general population, according to a University of Maryland study that experts say demonstrates the resiliency of transplanted organs.More

Croatia assists Serbia with organ transplant surgeries
Southeast European Times
As a leader in organ transplant procedures and surgeries, Croatia is providing both doctors and training to help its Southeast European neighbors perform more life-saving operations. Among the beneficiaries of Croatia's assistance is Serbia, which has insufficient space and personnel to accommodate the number of transplant surgeries that are needed in the country. Serbian transplant waiting lists are growing, but partnering with doctors from Croatia is producing results.More

US Congress working to lift ban on organ donation from HIV-positive donors
For three decades it has been illegal to harvest organs from donors who test positive for HIV. On July 22, Oregon Live reported that Congress is moving to change that law. If passed, The HIV Organ Policy Equity Act would make it possible for more research to be done and for HIV-positive patients to donate organs upon their death. More

Revised organ transplant law allowed 90 percent of donations to be made with family consent
The Japan Daily
Japan's revised Organ Transplant Law was enforced just three years ago, but already it has been making a significant difference in organ donations. According to a Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry study council, 90 percent of the organ donations since the revision were made through the relatives' consent, even if the donor failed to make it clear in his or her will. More

Expert: Organ-tissue center to boost Vietnam transplant practice
Thanh Nien News
A center that has been set up to coordinate organ and tissue donations and transplants will hopefully improve organ transplant practices in Vietnam, a health expert has said. Nguyen Tien Quyet, director of Viet Duc Hospital, where the center is based, was quoted by Tuoi Tre newspaper as saying it maintains databases of donors and people identified by doctors for organ transplants. More

Affordable Care Act impacting nursing
University of Indianapolis Associate Professor of Nursing Corinne Wheeler says the Affordable Care Act will ultimately benefit nursing as a profession by creating greater access to medical care. However, Wheeler says many healthcare organizations are currently unsure about care reimbursements and how Obamacare will actually work. As a result, she says many are streamlining staff and outsourcing jobs, including nurses.More

Dispute over organ donation brings attention to defining death
The Columbus Dispatch
The death of 21-year-old Elijah Smith at Grant Medical Center this month and his family's dispute with Lifeline of Ohio over his organ donation has brought to the forefront questions about what constitutes death. Most doctors agree that a person has died when the brain ceases to perform its most essential functions, even if machines and medications keep the heart beating and the lungs delivering oxygen.More