ITNS Insider
Dec. 4, 2014

Welcome the New England Chapter of ITNS!
The process began with 5 nurses from 5 Boston-area hospitals in April of 2013. In July of this year we were accepted as an official chapter of ITNS. In October of 2013 and 2014, we had our largest meetings with nurses presenting topics in transplant nursing.

Our board of officers is as follows.
Carol Zazula, RN, CCTN, acting president
Susan Chadwick, RN acting vice president
Denise Morin, RN, MSN, CCTC, acting treasurer
Maureen Pimentel, RN acting secretary

Contact Carol Zazula for more information about how you can join the New England chapter! More

Congratulations to Maria Molina on her Recent Publications!
Congratulations to Maria R. Molina, MSN, CRNP, Heart Failure/Transplant Nurse Practitioner Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, on her recent publications. View a list of Maria's peer reviewed and abstract publications. More

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'Dead' hearts give life to transplant patients
By Alan Kelsky
A trio of breakthrough heart transplants made history recently as surgeons in Australia transplanted "dead" hearts into three patients. The initial success for all three surgeries was credited to the perfusion-based machine that is able to sustain dead hearts. Hearts from cadavers that had not beaten for up to 20 minutes were reanimated and transplanted into waiting patients. Actually, these hearts were not dead, they were in a state that closely resembles suspended animation where the heart is preserved until it is reanimated. More

1-of-a-kind liver transplant helps cure Pittsburgh girl
A 3-year-old girl in Pennsylvania with a rare metabolic disorder is now the first person to be cured with a one-of-a-kind surgery. She is only 1 of 6 children in the world living with this disease, and on Nov. 11, she was the first of the group to get a liver transplant to give her an opportunity for a better life. More

Organovo, Yale collaborate to develop bioprinted tissues for surgical transplantation research
The Medical News
Organovo Holdings, Inc., a 3-D biology company focused on delivering breakthrough 3-D bioprinting technology, and Yale School of Medicine, Department of Surgery have formed a collaboration to develop bioprinted tissues for surgical transplantation research, made possible by a generous gift from the Methuselah Foundation.More

New rules take effect on who gets donor kidneys for transplant
The Associated Press via The Tribune-Review
New rules this week are bringing changes to the nation's kidney transplant system that will give some patients a better shot at a longer-lasting organ and move others up the waiting list. The goal is to get the maximum benefit out of a scarce resource: kidneys from dead donors. More

Dutch doctors approve harvesting organs from euthanasia 'patients'
Doctors in the Netherlands are working on a scheme to increase the number of life-saving organs available for transplant — by harvesting them from people who want to be euthanized. Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam and the University Hospital of Maastricht have already written national guidelines which are being studied by the Dutch Transplant Foundation.More

China to end prisoner organ transplants on Jan. 1
The Associated Press via ABC News
China says it will cease transplanting organs taken from executed prisoners on Jan. 1 in response to human rights concerns, although uncertainties linger over where a replacement supply will come from, state media reported.More

A novel organ donor facility: A decade of experience with liver donors
American Journal of Transplantation
Transplant surgeons have historically traveled to donor hospitals, performing complex, time-sensitive procedures with unfamiliar personnel. This often involves air travel, significant delays and frequently occurs overnight. In 2001, the nation's first organ recovery center was established. More

25 percent of organ transplants from high-risk donors like drug users and cancer patients
International Business Times
More than 25 percent of organ transplants come from "higher risk" donors, such as drug users and cancer patients, it has been claimed. But Professor Anthony Warrens, president of the British Transplantation Society, has warned more people will "die needlessly" if they turn down organs where the cause of death is unknown.More

Study: Female kidney donors have increased risk of preeclampsia
By Chelsea Adams
Female kidney donors double their risk of developing preeclampsia during pregnancy, according to the results of a Canadian study published in the New England Journal of Medicine. While preeclampsia can pose serious health threats to the mother and fetus, the condition is usually manageable, and most women had uncomplicated pregnancies following nephrectomies. Previous studies about pregnancies following kidney donation have yielded conflicting findings about the health of the mother and fetus.More