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Jan. 8, 2015

By 'editing' plant genes, companies avoid regulation
The New York Times
Its first attempt to develop genetically engineered grass ended disastrously for the Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. The grass escaped into the wild from test plots in Oregon in 2003, dooming the chances that the government would approve the product for commercial use. Yet Scotts is once again developing genetically modified grass that would need less mowing, be a deeper green and be resistant to damage from the popular weedkiller Roundup. But this time the grass will not need federal approval before it can be field-tested and marketed.More

Tracking the eyes: The keys to consumers' plant preferences
Today's Garden Center
Picture this: Researchers ask you to sit and gaze at plants from a retail store’s garden display. You look at a computer screen, which tracks how long your eyes take to focus on a visual cue and how long you fixate on it. Those cues can include what the plant looks like, a price tag or how it was grown.More

Growers resolve to educate public about their operations and practices in 2015
Greenhouse Growers
In a Greenhouse Grower poll, growers were asked what business resolutions they’ve made for 2015, to improve their operations for another successful year of business. There were 47 responses and with 11 choices, the results were pretty widespread.More

Selling to settled-in millennials
Lawn & Garden Retailer
Reaching millennials and selling to them is an ongoing challenge for garden centers. The new GrowIt! Garden Socially app targets millennials between the ages of 28 and 32 — just the young customer every retailer hopes to attract. Before the app could be developed, however, Mason Day, co-founder of GrowIt!, needed to discover what works for such an age group. More

Study predicts no farmers and ranchers under age 35 by 2033
Growing Produce
When did you last hear a high school senior say “I’m taking over the ranch” or even a 7-year-old announce “I want to be a farmer?" As long-time farmers and ranchers grow older, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pass on the family farm or find young employees to pick up the reins at large corporate ranches.More

How marketing will change in 2015: A creative forecast
It’s a new year and time for prediction and anticipation. How much mobile-first, e-commerce-driving engagement will you be programmatically integrating into your 2015 360 strategy? Marketing has made real, beyond-buzzword shifts over the past year in terms of recognition of the mobile, multi-device consumer, and the importance of creating compelling content, of all lengths, and across all platforms.More

Answer these 6 questions — and customers will love you
So many people talk about customer engagement these days, and a lot of that talk is pretty complicated and/or platitudinous. It’s hugely refreshing to read something about dealing with customers that goes right to the heart of what’s most important in relating to them, and does it in such a straightforward way. Here are six truths and the questions that arise from them.More

How to turn positive press into sales
When eyeglasses company Warby Parker launched in 2010, its founders had invested their life savings in three main areas: their glasses, their website and, very importantly, a public relations team, says Neil Blumenthal. "We knew that you only have one shot to launch a fashion brand," he says. More

Mobile millennials are the tough marketing challenge for 2015
The Huffington Post
Millennials are the talk of the town. Now in their late 20s and 30s, they've adopted digital like no other. Mobile is their choice. No surprise there. As we go into 2015, mobile is on a roll. Forecasts indicate that mobile will outpace all other forms of digital advertising. Skyrocketing sales of new smartphones, an explosion in the number of apps and the growing influence of the millennial generation are coming together like never before.More

10 ways to boost your business overall this year
Small Business Trends
From improving sales, to perfecting your operations to better leveraging social media and more — there are many ways you could boost your business overall this year. Here are 10 ways you can get started.More