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May. 21, 2015

How millennials are shaping shopping trends
Today's Garden Center
A recent consumer trends article from the National Retail Federation shows how millennial homebuyers and homeowners are influencing shopping trends, and how major retailers are adapting to meet this trend. Fortunately, some of the models they are using are easily applicable to independent garden centers.More

The kitchen garden goes high tech
The New York Times
If you have always wanted to grow your own food but lack the expertise or outdoor space to do it, a high-tech indoor garden may be the answer. Various start-up companies now offer a bumper crop of garden gadgets to make it easier to grow food in your home.More

Rack up the savings
Grower Talks
As you look for ways to save money in your greenhouse or nursery, the typical things come to mind. How can I get my employees to do more, in less time? What robot or piece of automated equipment can I buy to increase my productivity? More

White House task force releases pollinator health strategy
Greenhouse Grower
An interagency Pollinator Health Task Force commissioned by President Barack Obama released its “Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators” on May 19. The strategy, released in accordance with the Presidential Memorandum issued last June, is accompanied by a Pollinator Research Action Plan, which outlines needs and priority actions to better understand pollinator losses and improve pollinator health. More

Behind the variety: Finding the 'supergeranium'
Green Profit
There are geraniums, tight little mounds of foliage and lollipops of flowers, and then there are calliope geraniums — lush with masses of semi-glossy, semi-trailing leaves and loads of brightly colored, highly saturated blooms. It took 15 years to create the geranium on the market — calliope dark red. The plant that would go on to revolutionize the geranium category started out as nothing more than a side project for plant breeder Mitch Hanes. More

Colorful gardens are sown with these gadgets for growing
Detroit Free Press
Spring is finally here, and with it the yearning for gardeners, novice and veteran, to get digging. So what are you waiting for? Every spring brings with it a plethora of new products for gardeners to get excited about. Here are a few that span the practical to the playful.More

Top 10 tips on successful mobile marketing
Business 2 Community
As the usage of mobiles and mobile Internet services demand pick up speed, marketers need to keep themselves on their toes regarding the implementation of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is changing the way marketing is being carried out. More

How to get (and keep) customers with an 8-second attention span
By Emma Fitzpatrick
Bad news: Goldfish now have a longer attention span than most humans. New research from Microsoft found that since 2000, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to a mere eight — one second shorter than that of a goldfish. That means most of you didn't even make it to this sentence. The biggest change since the start of the study in 2000? The omnipresent smartphone. In this age of ever-shrinking attention spans, the question for marketers and advertisers becomes: How can we get and keep the attention of consumers? More

5 steps to freedom: The key to being a rapid marketer
Marketing Land
Consumers are living for the moment, because time is an increasingly precious resource. The same applies to marketers who are trying to tap into those consumer moments as they happen. In fact, nearly 70 percent of marketers feel challenged by time, with a third considering a lack of enough time their single biggest challenge. And this content marketing crunch is a significant impediment to delivering the essential instant digital gratification that today's consumers demand.More

Overcoming the fear of sales in 4 simple steps
Do you procrastinate or completely avoid doing any kind of sales for your business? Or do you think that the whole process of sales is a slimy and shifty experience that you just don’t want to do? Well, here is a secret for you — sales is a necessary process in having a business. Ok, not much of a secret. More

Taking the pain out of personalized marketing
By Peter Moloney
Predictive analytics improves marketing results. That's hard to dispute these days, but it's not quite right. Relevant messaging and attractive offers improve marketing results. Predictive analytics has the "potential" to help. It's only potential because there is so much involved in doing it right. There is a broad diversity of algorithms and approaches for all sorts of purposes. As a result, most companies enlist skilled data specialists and find themselves clarifying their objectives because the typical approach is going to be expensive. But it does not have to be anymore.More

Everything is digital, but face-to-face interactions can still seal the deal
Advertising Age
Despite the move toward a digital marketplace — in which buyers research and make purchases online — in-person meetings with sales reps and other human interactions are still important to b-to-b buyers, according to a new report from research firm SiriusDecisions. Vendor content, such as websites and free trials, also ranked high in the b-to-b buying process.More