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Jun. 11, 2015

How to grow herbs: Tips on sun, soil, water and more
Who doesn't love fresh herbs? There are uses for them in almost any recipe, both savory and sweet, and you can toss a few sprigs onto just about any finished dish as a garnish. They're aromatic and oh-so-delicious. Also, they're just plain pretty. Here are a few tips on how to plant your own herb garden — just in time for picnic season. More

A variety of trees you can grow in your garden
Greener Ideal
Everyone likes to look at a well-kept garden with fresh flowers and freshly trimmed grass. One might say that a relaxing and tranquil garden is the perfect garden. Another part of a perfect garden, and one that keeps it green and healthy, is having a variety of trees on show.More

Growing garden can plant a seed for continued growth in ourselves
The Columbus Dispatch
Whether you grow flowers, houseplants or vegetables, you’re cultivating creativity. That’s the message of "Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening" by Fran Sorin, recently released in a 10th-anniversary edition. “We always want it to be perfect,” Sorin said by phone from Israel, where she lives when not in her other home, in Philadelphia.More

Planting a dog-friendly garden
Chicago Tribune via Providence Journal
Jordan Petchenik is a dog person. He has owned four of them since moving into a 1920s bungalow in Madison, Wisconsin, some 20 years ago. But Petchenik also loves gardening. Therein lies the problem. Challenges from dogs to a yard are numerous. Digging, trampling, chewing — not to mention using favorite plants as a potty — take an undeniable toll on a landscape. More

Shade gardening opportunities: Perennial and shrub choices
Chicago Tribune
When they see a space in shade, many gardeners think only of what they can't grow there: tomatoes, coneflowers and roses. Yet "shade is an opportunity," says Patrick Kelsch, collections supervisor at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. Some plants actually prefer to be shaded to various degrees. "They appreciate a little protection from the sun," he says.More

Take care of perennials for years of garden beauty
A perennial is a plant that lives longer than two years. Perennials die back in the winter and bounce back to life each spring, fuller and stronger. The joy of using perennials is that you can stage your garden for a constant variety of flowers and colors throughout the year. Unlike an annual, most perennials' flowering season is short-lived. Yes, it's true they need a little care, but for the most part, their rewards are huge.More

A gardener's guide to saving the monarch
The Washington Post
The monarch butterfly has been likened to a featherweight piece of stained glass that through some miracle flits its way each year from Canada to Mexico. It is not the most endangered of our insects, but its plight — along with the ills of the honeybee — has made it perhaps the most visible symbol of the fragility of our natural world and our ability to mess it up.More

Pinterest's new buyable pins benefit businesses and users
By Katina Smallwood
A new benefit is coming to Pinterest in the coming months: the ability to purchase pinned items through a new "Buy it" button. Until now, the social media juggernaut has served mainly as a website reserved for planning, and the company hopes the new foray into the e-commerce market will make the website more interactive and satisfying to users. The new button will allow users to purchase items without being redirected to an additional webpage. More

Positivity is key to triggering a sales boost
Small Business Trends
The seller’s demeanor is what will either negatively or positively begin the sale cycle that either leads to an answer of no or yes. In order to attract a positive flow of sales and trigger a sales boost, the following come to mind.More

Quiz: Which content works best for you?
Direct Marketing News
You know that content is king. But figuring out which content is the most appealing to your audience while still remaining true to your brand voice can be a challenge. You should consider the questions, your answers, and how you arrived at the final results. Use them to be inspired and to discover what you — and your customers — feel is important in the content that you publish. More

How your business can get a PR story this summer in 5 steps
By Emma Fitzpatrick
We're inundated with ads now more than ever. Throughout the course of one day, we see an incredible 5,000 ads. That's one every 11.5 seconds. And how many of those can you ads can you recall? Much of the time, our brains barely see these ads — which means their messages certainly aren't sticking. So, the solution isn't to spend more on advertising. It's to try something different. Break through the advertising noise and get the attention of your audience through public relations. More

What they haven't told you about mobile-first marketing
Any marketing effort should be driven by the fact consumers love their mobile devices. It's of their most prized possessions. It’s their best friend, the object they always carry with them and most importantly, the device through which they will most likely access your service. As the mobile industry grows, brands appear to be showing a deeper understanding of this new reality and seem to be doing their very best to adjust. More