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Aug. 6, 2015

10 things garden stores can learn from a grocery store
Today's Garden Center
Today’s grocery stores bear little resemblance to grocery stores of my youth. They’ve evolved from florescent lights, dingy linoleum floors and long lines at the check out into a food wonderland. Lighting on produce is as meticulous as a museum drawing attention to a multimillion dollar Picasso. The range of products has changed, from locally sourced fruit and vegetables to elk roasts in the meat department and previously hard-to-find spices that seem to show up in all the popular modern recipes.More

Off with their heads: Keep perennials in good health
Bend Bulletin
Deadheading is such a cruel-sounding terminology, but it’s a technique that is most commonly used to coax prolonged bloom times in perennial flowers. The necessary process in many cases maintains the health of the plant for next season’s bloom. Most gardeners will agree that if we know why we are encouraged to perform a job, we’re more inclined to do the job. That said, here are some reasons for keeping your perennials in good condition.More

Natural season garden mum finishing tips
Grower Talks
Garden mums finishing may stay consistent year to year ... your local weather conditions won’t. Syngenta Flowers is staying on top of any new tips for finishing garden mums no matter the condition. Mark Smith shares tips on watering, fertilizer, growth regulation and more. More

Spread your risk beyond spring sales
Greenhouse Grower
Growers who participated in Greenhouse Grower’s 2015 Spring Crops Recap Survey said they have had enough of the uncertainty that the weather brings. They said it’s time to build up sales in other seasons like fall so we’re not so dependent on spring. As a couple of wholesale growers, both from the Southeast, very eloquently stated, our industry has mastered squeezing everything we can out of the spring season. More

11 surprising edible garden plants
The time has come to ditch fancy, overpriced bags of salad from the supermarket and go foraging for leafy greens and weeds (no, really) in your garden, instead. Scientists announced that duckweed — an aquatic perennial packed with protein that can be found floating along on the surface of ponds — is something of a magic plant.More

This is what happens when you give customers more than they expect
Leonard Kim writes: On July 24, Uber partnered up with Capital One and celebrated the relaunch of Uber ice cream by giving away free ice cream to all their combined customers. I'm a Capital One cardholder and I have Uber on my iPad, so I figured, hey why not. I love ice cream after all. It's one of my favorite things that bring happiness into my life. Plus, bringing it to my office? That’s just great. So as a happy and excited consumer, what did I do?More

Instagram is too large for your business to ignore
Remember when Instagram was just a little startup app that you used to show off your DSLR camera skills? Five years ago, it wasn’t much more than that. Observers even questioned why Facebook acquired Instagram, for $1 billion. But after seeing the immense growth the app experienced in its user base, everyone now understands the very real threat that Instagram could have posed to Facebook.More

Coloring your brand: It matters
By Jessica Taylor
Did you know that color increases brand recognition by up to 80 percent? It does, based on a University of Loyola, Maryland study. Color plays a larger role for your company than you may think — through your customers and memory recall. Colors stimulate all the senses, instantly conveying a message like no other form of communication. More

5 tactics to make your emails more interesting
When was the last time you were excited to take a look at your inbox? If you're like most people — including the people you market to — the answer is probably never. Let's be honest: Most emails are boring. Research backs that up: Social media tends to evoke "excitement" as the prevailing sentiment, but the first word that comes to mind for email is "productivity." Emails are a chore. More

4 ways to integrate direct mail into your digital marketing landscape
As the media landscape continues to shift, it is increasingly vital for marketers to adapt their brands' marketing mix and strategies accordingly. With an ever-growing number of platforms and mediums used to circulate information, savvy brands must evolve or suffer. All too often, though, more and more marketing dollars are being reallocated to new trends. More