MASAE NewsBrief
Mar. 25, 2013

MASAE 4th Annual Conference to be held at Revel Hotel
The MASAE 4th Annual Conference will be held at the beautiful Revel Hotel, Dec. 11-12. This is Atlantic City's newest hotel/casino experience. Revel is pleased to welcome Mid-Atlantic association professionals and partners for the first time!

Listen to MASAE members explain why they are members of the Mid-Atlantic region's best resource for association management education and here.More

Membership wakeup call for associations
Association Adviser
The stock market is near its all-time high, housing prices are rebounding in most parts of the country and the jobless rate has significantly improved. Many associations tell us their membership is back to where it was before the 2008-09 downturn, perhaps even a bit better. So why aren't we popping the champagne corks? It's cautious optimism at best, and here's why.More

Stuck in neutral: Can your association break out of the pit?
The Demand Perspective
Your members might flock to your annual conference or congratulate you on the caliber of the articles in your journal. They may even tell you that your mission is of utmost importance to humanity. If you consider these as indicators of your relevance and success, then you may feel that there is no compelling rationale for major strategic change in your organization. But is your association really still relevant in the ways that matter?More

Why the association education model needs an overhaul
Associations Now
Associations need to stop putting the experts first and the audience second. It's time to throw away the traditional expert-driven education model and implement a participant-centered one.More

Why great leaders never stop training
Becoming a Navy SEAL involves a year of the most intensive physical and mental training the U.S. military has to offer. But once you make it through, and join the ranks of the "elite," you realize you are just another new guy in an already well-established organization. And it only gets tougher from there. The training never ends, and every single mission is rehearsed. It's no different in business.More

Dues and your association management system
Dues collection is a bittersweet experience. On one hand, membership dues are often the backbone of an association's budget. On the other hand, collecting dues can be a pain like no other. Your association management system should have an easy-to-use process in place to make the whole process easier.More

Association membership growth by industry served
Membership Marketing Blog
The economy impacts industries differently. These impacts also translate into the associations that serve each sector. The research in the article shows the industry served and the percentage of associations in that sector reporting an increase in membership.More

But we've always done it this way!
XYZ University
Associations that are relying on doing things the same way they've always done them are definitely not facing the reality of our new culture. Members no longer simply renew dues and attend monthly meetings because it's the right thing to do, or because it's the norm in a particular industry. Every dollar and hour spent with an association is measured these days against the value it brings. If you aren't delivering new value, you are in danger of bleeding out members.More

Are your conference panels stuck in a time warp?
Midcourse Corrections
Regrettably, there are too few renovation projects underway for conference panels. Many still see this as an effective model for delivering learning, but here are three conference panel myths in serious need of a reality check.More

4 metrics associations should keep their eye on
Omnipress Big Ideas Blog
The possibilities are endless if you know what to look for; you can really empower your association's content. Whether you use Google Analytics or another analytics tool, knowing what to look for is important. Most organizations are unaware of the power that analytics can unlock for them, simply because they haven't taken the time to train themselves on the basic metrics.More

Nonprofits: Master 'medium data' before tackling big data
Harvard Business Review Blog Network
Every day, humanity adds approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data to our collective store of knowledge. Looking over this treasure trove, scientists, financiers and business leaders are justifiably giddy about the potential of big data. For the nonprofit community, big data also offers immense potential. But with our mere billions of data points we're not quite ready for it. Instead, we need to get "medium data" right first.More