Tech Insights
Jan. 2, 2014

Teaching STEM through flight simulation
U.S. News & World Report
Kids no longer have to wait for playtime to pretend to be a pilot: They can do it in class. And learn science, engineering, technology and math while they are at it. Tapping into children's love of airborne adventures, several Northeast educators are pioneering new curricula that teach STEM through flight simulation for middle and high school students. More

New MIT technology allows 3-D image interaction
The Associated Press via WFAA-TV
Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers have created a new way to let individuals in one location interact with individuals in a different location using 3-D imaging. MIT's Tangible Media Group calls this inFORM.More

What to expect of 'Internet of Things' in 2014
PC Advisor
The "Internet of Things" will continue to creep into consumers' homes in 2014, but the real growth in the next year is likely to be in the enterprise.More

2014 forecast for cloud computing
Cloud computing has proven to be one of the great disruptive technologies of our time, and the effects of its increasing adoption and maturation will ripple out through 2014. Here are 10 predictions for how the cloud will impact IT in the coming year. More

Space missions and events to look forward to in 2014
While our spaceflight missions come to fruition in the heavens, they all have to start here on Earth. The next year in space will see a lot of changes, as new technologies get tested and exciting missions get going. National space agencies and, increasingly, private companies are preparing for their next adventures in space. There will also be great celestial phenomena to enjoy and, very likely, a number of unexpected surprises cropping up. More

Texas among states picked to host federal test sites for drone aircraft
The Dallas Morning News
The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced that Texas and five other states will develop test sites for drones, a critical next step for the unmanned aircraft's march into U.S. skies. The agency said Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia as states that will host research sites.More

Commentary: US laws are killing the future of robotics
The next step in transformative technology is already here, and the United States runs the risk of getting left behind. The amount of robotics inventions is steadily on the rise, and the U.S. military is already in on the action. A few years ago, Air Force drones surpassed 1 million combat hours. Hobbyists are using platforms like Arduino to build their own robots, and they're building them by the thousands. Tesla recently announced its intention to develop and market driverless cars by 2018. Last year, Chris Anderson quit his job as the editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine to found and run a robotics company.More

NASA controls robots with Kinect and Oculus Rift
Kinect and Oculus Rift aren't just for games. The Human Interfaces division of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena, Calif., has published a video showing off how Kinect and Oculus Rift could come together to control a robotic arm.More

2014 forecast for cloud computing
Cloud computing has proven to be one of the great disruptive technologies of our time, and the effects of its increasing adoption and maturation will ripple out through 2014. Here are 10 predictions for how the cloud will impact IT in the coming year. More

The danger of cybersecurity 'ghettos'
Ghettos are not good, whether they are at the local, state or national level. They tend to breed unrest, dysfunction and crime that can extend well beyond their borders, undermining the health of an entire society.More

Do smart devices need regulation? FTC examines 'Internet of Things'
The Federal Trade Commission recently hosted a public workshop examining the emerging role of connected technology and the ramifications for user privacy and data security.More

Cyberattackers to target 'Internet of Things'
TechWeek Europe
Security experts have warned that cyberattackers will increasingly be focused on finding and attacking vulnerable devices on the broader "Internet of Things" in 2014. The rapid adoption of network-connected devices by consumers and businesses will make the "Internet of Things" more attractive to vulnerability finders and cybercriminals bent on mischief.More

Managing cybersecurity threats from inside
SmartData Collective
The number of annual security incidents caused by insider threats is increasing. In The CERT Guide to Insider Threats, Capelli et al write, "Insider threats are an intriguing and complex problem. Some assert that they are the most significant threat faced by organizations today."More

6 ways to create a culture of innovation
Fast Company
Savvy leaders shape the culture of their company to drive innovation. They know that it's culture — the values, norms, unconscious messages, and subtle behaviors of leaders and employees — that often limits performance. These invisible forces are responsible for the fact that 70 percent of all organizational change efforts fail. The trick? Design the interplay between the company's explicit strategies with the ways people actually relate to one another and to the organization.More

Want better business relationships? Talk money on the 1st date
Whether you're a one-person graphic design firm or a PR agency with 300 employees, you've likely faced a similar scenario: You get a lead on potential new client. You have a couple of phone calls or maybe you meet face to face. The potential client forwards you relevant background info that you spend a not insignificant amount of time reviewing. You draft a proposal for them that you think reflects their needs, follows your typical work process for a project like this and is based on what you consider to be a reasonable number of hours. And then you hear nothing but radio silence or you're told that your quote is entirely too rich for the potential client's blood. More

5 great traits effective entrepreneurs share
Entrepreneur via Fox Business
Entrepreneurs are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike. But despite their differences, great businesspeople often share certain characteristics that drive success. Fox Business has sorted through Entrepreneur's coverage from the past year and chosen five great traits that define the effective entrepreneur, all courtesy of leaders in social media, innovation and business. Let their insights help you better understand how the most interesting people make their dreams a reality. More