Tech Insights
Jan. 7, 2015

MTBC sets Texas legislative agenda
MTBC President Bill Sproull
North Texans are huge beneficiaries of our technology industry. At the Metroplex Technology Business Council, we believe that a passionate pursuit of technology creates the innovation and productivity that benefits the lives of North Texans today and tomorrow. Our Texas legislative environment is a vital part of the tech ecosystem that helps fuel the Texas economy. The MTBC Board of Directors has approved our 2015 state legislative agenda based on input from the members, who employ more than 250,000 Texans.More

The tech trends you can't ignore in 2015
Harvard Business Review
Is your company poised to build the next Uber? Have you started imagining how cryptocurrencies could be used to shore up your company’s digital security? Have you considered that the algorithms your company uses might inadvertently be lying to you? More

The emerging science of human-data interaction
MIT Technology Review
The rapidly evolving ecosystems associated with personal data are creating an entirely new field of scientific study, say computer scientists. And this requires a much more powerful ethics-based infrastructure. More

Apps everywhere, but no unifying link
The New York Times
Navigating the Internet used to mean painstakingly typing the exact address you wanted into your computer. The Web browser and the search engine simplified that, giving us the Internet we take for granted today. More

NASA explores inflatable spacecraft technology for Mars landing
The Associated Press via The Boston Globe
Devising a way to one day land astronauts on Mars is a complex problem and NASA scientists think something as simple as a child's toy design may help solve the problem. Safely landing a large spacecraft on Mars is just one of many engineering challenges the agency faces as it eyes an ambitious goal of sending humans into deep space later this century. More

Ultrasound technology made to measure
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft via
The range of uses for ultrasound is gigantic; the applied technologies are just as diverse. Researchers are now covering a wide range of applications with a new modular system: from sonar systems to medical ultrasound technologies and all the way to the high frequency range — such as for materials testing. More

Richland College gets interactive with motion capture lab
The Dallas Morning News
Richland College recently unveiled its new markerless motion capture lab, the first of its kind in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. The technology, created by Organic Motion, allows users to use the lab without the need of reflective markers at their joints, like traditional motion capture labs require. The Organic OpenStage2 system has 18 cameras that surround the user and capture motion, feeding the data into a computer algorithm that detects the skeletal resemblance of human motion. More

CES 2015: What the biggest tech trends will be
ABC News
Get ready to have your mind blown when the 2015 International Consumer Electronics show kicks off in Las Vegas, showcasing new gadgets and tech trends. The official event gets underway in Las Vegas, where approximately 3,500 companies are expected to show off technology and services that not only impress but promise to make life easier. More

5 big data trends to watch out for in 2015
What a difference a year makes. At the end of 2013, the industry was still debating whether Hadoop and related big data technologies were going to become mainstream or were just niche technologies for Internet companies. More

Member news: Merger between RF Micro and TriQuint is complete, trading begins today
Triad Business Journal
The merger between Greensboro-based RF Micro Devices Inc. and Hillsboro, Oregon-based TriQuint Semiconductor Inc. is complete, and trading of the combined company, Qorvo, has begun on the NASDAQ Global Stock Market under the ticker symbol QRVO, company officials announced. The merger, completed Jan. 1, is expected to create a top competitor in the wireless component industry. Company officials expect Qorvo to gain market share in several areas, including the defense and mobile markets, and achieve at least $150 million of cost savings. As of about 3 p.m., Qorvo shares were trading at about $69 per share. More

Developer luring startups to Dallas' new 'Tech Mecca'
Dallas Business Journal
San Francisco developer Mike Sarimsakci's vision for redeveloping downtown Dallas spans beyond buying old property and upgrading facilities. It includes building an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The developer, who made headlines last year after buying a 20-year vacant building, is catering his 18-story building around the lifestyles of tech startups, artists and creative entrepreneurs. This means offering them custom-designed modern space, with options for furnishings and flexible lease terms, including no personal or corporate guarantee.More

Major wireless charging groups team up for the technology's future
The three biggest wireless charging standard groups are now down by one, because two of them have decided to join forces. Power Matters Alliance and The Alliance For Wireless Power have just made signed a Letter of Intent to merge on the dotted line. The merger, which will operate under a new name, will be finalized by mid-2015, and the two groups hope it can give the technology a boost. More

CEOs are betting on technology: Here's how the CIO can deliver a win
The Wall Street Journal
Now is the moment for CIOs to make a meaningful impact on their organizations, embracing new practices that help deliver technology faster and more responsive to business needs, guest columnist Mike Pearl writes.More