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Jan. 8, 2014

CES 2014: 8 technologies to watch
Giant TVs, laser-equipped cars, wearable computers — it must be the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show. Which products will dazzle?More

Welcome new and renewing members
Thank you to the MTBC members who either joined or renewed their memberships during November and December. Our members are the lifeline of our organization and serve to make us stronger and more successful. We hope you will join us in welcoming these new members, doing business with them and referring others members to the MTBCMore

Bugging out over STEM education, kids turn beetle infestation into energy source
To describe Kokhanok School, Alaska, as atypical would be an understatement. For starters, the entire middle school consists of only six children. In a village with a population of 130, there are few smartphones and gaming consoles; instead, the students spend their weekends caribou hunting, berry picking or salmon fishing. No road leads to Kokhanok. The only way to get there is by bush plane.More

11 expert tips to help you be more productive in 2014
Fast Company
Who doesn't want to figure out how to get more done? Or get things done more efficiently? Fast Company asked some of the most productive people how you can tackle the new year's work.More

7 InfoSec predictions for 2014: Good, bad and ugly
Predicting the future, of course, is impossible. But based on the dynamic events in information security this past year — new adversaries, attack techniques and increased adoption of such emerging technologies as software-defined networking — here are seven security trends everyone should be watching closely in 2014.More

Debunking 5 cloud computing myths
SmartData Collective
For the third year in a row, cloud computing is one of the top three technology investments for chief information officers. However, there are many misconceptions of the cloud. More

The 'Internet of Things' heralds the arrival of the Jetsons age
What smartphones and apps have done to connect people to the Internet wherever they go, emerging new technologies will soon connect seemingly every other object in your life to the Web. It's a weird phrase you'll hear a lot this year: the Internet of Things.More

The future of the military is robots building robots
Foreign Policy
From the B-2 bomber to the M1 Abrams tank, the U.S. has for decades developed, built and fielded the most advanced and capable weapon systems in the world. That's changing because of declining budgets, emerging technologies and global competition from rising powers like China. Today, for the first time in recent history, the Pentagon is in danger of losing its vast technological advantages over potential adversaries. And the evolution of the Air Force's most recent warplane provides a cautionary tale of what may lay in store. More

Debunking 5 cloud computing myths
SmartData Collective
For the third year in a row, cloud computing is one of the top three technology investments for chief information officers. However, there are many misconceptions of the cloud. More

The danger of cybersecurity 'ghettos'
Ghettos are not good, whether they are at the local, state or national level. They tend to breed unrest, dysfunction and crime that can extend well beyond their borders, undermining the health of an entire society.More

Teaching STEM through flight simulation
U.S. News & World Report
Kids no longer have to wait for playtime to pretend to be a pilot: They can do it in class. And learn science, engineering, technology and math while they are at it. More

Top 10 predictions for the mobile market in 2014
This past year was a busy one for the mobile market. And next year will likely be just as intense. Wireless operators were busy wheeling and dealing to get more wireless spectrum. And they were busy upgrading their networks to 4G LTE service, truly making 2013 the breakout year for faster wireless service. More

T-Mobile buys Verizon wireless spectrum in $3.3 billion deal
T-Mobile has signed a deal to buy blocks of 700MHz radio-frequency spectrum from Verizon Wireless for nearly $2.37 billion and to give up some wireless spectrum of its own worth $950 million, the company announced. More

5 steps to master big data and predictive analytics in 2014
As recently as the past two years, one of the seminal issues regarding big data was storage, especially with respect to the exponential growth and size of unstructured data that did not fit into databases. Indeed petabytes and exabytes of data exist in science, technology, commerce, national defense, telecommunications and other fields. Today, however, the competitive landscape is very different. More

Sustainable brands and big data set to go mainstream in 2014
The Guardian
Toyota, Tesla, Method, American Apparel and Nespresso all attempt to let us have our cake and eat it: sexy fast cars that run on batteries, a green cleaning liquid that actually cleans, sweat shirts not made in sweat shops; luxury coffee that supports coffee-grower profits and sustainable farming practices.More