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Jan. 14, 2015

The Internet of Things has 4 big data problems
O'Reilly Radar
The Internet of Things has a data problem. Well, four data problems. Walking the halls of CES in Las Vegas, it's abundantly clear that the IoT is hot. Everyone is claiming to be the world's smartest something. But that sprawl of devices, lacking context, with fragmented user groups, is a huge challenge for the burgeoning industry.More

Freshman Texans to lead high-tech subcommittees
The Dallas Morning News
Newly-elected Texas Republicans John Ratcliffe of Heath and Will Hurd of San Antonio have been tapped to chair technology-related subcommittees during their freshman year in the House. Ratcliffe will helm the Subcommittee on Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies, a part of the Homeland Security Committee.More

Texas Instruments shows off new technology and partnerships at 2015 CES
The Dallas Morning News
The start of another year finds Texas Instruments Inc. showcasing its technology — and real world uses of it — at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. Dallas-based TI makes semiconductors that are used in various consumer electric electronic products — everything from toys and televisions to smart grids and robots. More

5 things that will drive test in 2015
EE Times
Test and measurement is everywhere. Why? Because everything has to be tested. Test equipment and methods must adapt to changing technologies, often in parallel with a technology's development. To find out what will drive test & measurement in 2015, EE Times asked people at several test-equipment companies.More

'Human' side of robots is shown off at Las Vegas electronics show
The Japan Times
She stood on the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, carried on conversations, blinked her eyes and sang a convincing rendition of "Take Me Home, Country Roads." It would have been unremarkable if Chihira Aico were not a robot. "Hello, my name is Chihira Aico. I am 32 years old, although, technically, I was born in September 2014. Look how expressive I am!" she said.More

5 tools that foster technology innovation
SAP Business Trends via Forbes
Becoming a technology consultant more than a decade ago was a huge wake up call for Kaan Turnali, global senior director of business intelligence for SAP's Global Customer Operations Reporting & Analytics Platform,. He'd just left a position as a customer asking others to design new technology solutions or improve existing ones. Not too long after that, Turnali found myself on the opposite side of this equation, where people relied on him for answers.More

Business trends for 2015: The mobile workforce and BYOD maturing
Last year, we saw an increase in the number of businesses using converged technologies to help drive efficiencies, better collaboration and customer service. Continued demand from employees for mobile and better ways of working also played a part in this upward trend, which was further fueled by the change in legislation at the end of June 2014 giving all employees the right to request flexible working from their employer‎. So what will happen this year? In this article, we'll chew over some of the key trends that will shape 2015.More

How the top 5 cloud trends of 2014 will impact the enterprise in 2015
It's the time of year for businesses to look forward and make their cloud computing plans for 2015. But it's also a good time to look back at the cloud trends that evolved in 2014 for guidance. "Cloud services have matured to the point where they can absolutely deliver value for many use cases," said Ed Anderson, research vice president of cloud services at Gartner.More

What's your Wi-Fi strategy for 2015?
For any industry, January offers a time for reflection — the opportunity to look back and analyze the previous year in order to apply lessons learned to the 12 months ahead. IT is no different. But while cloud computing, virtualization and big data have now become par for the course within almost any enterprise, the technology that powers these critical functions has been largely overlooked over the past year.More

Can office artwork influence employee productivity?
Art encompasses a wide variety of media and affects everyone who sees it in one way or another. Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office more aesthetically pleasing or impress visitors; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity and creativity. The following are some of the merits of displaying artwork in the office. More