Tech Insights
Jan. 21, 2015

Integration moves into the cloud in 2015
Enterprise technology has become scattered, as an increasing number of cloud-based apps, virtual services and connected devices and sensors have proliferated across company departments. In 2014, businesses realized they needed to connect the new cloud solutions they had adopted with on-premises systems that make up their traditional IT portfolio. More

Mavenir spends $20 million on Ulticom for signaling
Mavenir is opening up its wallet again. Just two months after it purchased Stoke, the company has announced it will acquire Diameter signaling vendor Ulticom for $20 million. More

Enterprise drones: What CIOs should know
Drones. They haunt the nightmares of FAA commissioners, add to the worries of pilots, and give wing to the flying dreams of thousands upon thousands of hobbyists. And they might just be a key to solving a critical business need for your company. Are you ready? More

Republicans unveil net neutrality bill: No blocking, no fast lanes, no regulating Internet like a utility
Dallas Business Journal
House Republicans unveiled net neutrality legislation that would prohibit mobile and fixed broadband service providers from blocking content or speeding up or slowing down certain Internet traffic. The bill, however, prohibits the Federal Communications Commission from regulating broadband service like a utility — an approach recommended by President Barack Obama. It also bars the FCC from expanding open Internet requirements beyond the provisions outlined in the legislation. More

How planes, cranes and automobiles stay safe with anti-collision technology
Anti-collision technology may be the biggest technology that enters its own during 2015 — in cars, at least. It's got a ways to go in different spaces, but it's already saving lives in others. "Expect more vehicles to be fitted with anti-collision systems that automatically detect the cars around you and move the car into another lane if needs be," according to one tech site's list of predictions for 2015. "Manufacturers will also test systems to predict if a driver is about to experience a medical problem, such as a heart attack." More

What will replace flash?
Despite all its benefits, flash has some serious drawbacks. The technology has a wear-out problem, with a relatively low limit to the number of write cycles each storage cell can go through before storage becomes unreliable. The issue is compounded by the fact that any attempt to increase storage density reduces the wear life considerably. Die shrinking to increase bits per die, transitioning to two or three bits per storage cell — MLC and TLC technologies — or a combination of these all lead to increased wear problems. More

Top trends driving content delivery to mobile devices
Some of the major announcements coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show revolve around content, with Ericsson focusing on the personalization of entertainment, Dish announcing its Sling TV over-the-top streaming service and Samsung extending its Milk music and video content from handsets to TVs and its virtual reality headset. More

Is big data finally getting traction?
Two consulting firms have almost simultaneously released two new surveys on the state of big data. Both show big data finally getting traction in the real world, but one is a shade more optimistic than the other. We'll start today with a look at the more optimistic of the two: Enterprise Management Associates report, "Big Data in Action: Insights across the Hybrid Enterprise." We'll look at Capgemini's "Cracking the Data Conundrum: How Successful Companies Make Big Data Operational" survey later this week. More

3 women making a big difference in tech for future generations
PayScale Human Capital
Studies show that women in tech are vastly underrepresented, but that's not stopping these three tech-savvy ladies from making a huge difference for future generations of techies. See how these women are using their know-how to pave a new path for a brighter and more balanced future in technology. More

What you need to know about Obama's new steps on cybersecurity
The White House Blog
President Barack Obama is using the week before his State of the Union to highlight the importance of cybersecurity and to outline the steps this administration is taking to tackle this problem head-on. As many companies and government agencies know far too well, the cyberthreat is only increasing in breadth, pace, sophistication and impact. More

Internet of Things: There's now a US congressional committee for that
Lawmakers are often mocked for their lack of knowledge of technology issues and the tech behind them. Now, House members are attempting to tackle the biggest tech cliché of them all: the Internet of Things. More

Help your overwhelmed, stressed-out team
Harvard Business Review
Is your team stressed out? These days, everyone seems overwhelmed and way too busy. But even when your team members have a lot on their plates, they don't have to sacrifice their health or happiness. What can you do to reduce your team's stress? How can you help them focus on what really needs to get done? More