Tech Insights
Feb. 4, 2015

Mobile heat technology helping to save energy
A Boston company has come up with a new and efficient way for homeowners to save money on energy costs, a timely innovation given the impact of this week's snow storms in the northeast U.S. The company is using a newly developed technology that can map heat signatures for entire cities in matter of days, generating data that could potentially produce billions in energy savings. More

Fast answers to big questions: How big data is becoming a bigger deal
Presented by the MTBC Business Intelligence/Analytics Forum via Slalom
Big data is moving into the fast lane. Brand new technologies — some only months old — are allowing companies to more easily sort through mounds of data in seconds or even minutes, instead of hours or days. That means they are able to get better results more quickly, said Chris Schrader, solution principal with Slalom Consulting's San Francisco office. More

Dallas ISD's STEM Day makes learning scientific principles fun
The Dallas Morning News
Rubber eyeballs flew into the air as kids scattered to pick them up. As quickly as they grabbed them, they raced to send them soaring again. The frenzy of fun had a serious purpose: teaching about potential and kinetic energy. More

3 cybersecurity lessons from Super Bowl XLIX
There were emotional ads. There were dancing sharks at Katy Perry's halftime show. And, amidst all the marketing hoopla and entertainment extravaganza, a football game was played. Super Bowl XLIX was full of surprises. As anyone in IT can attest, cybercriminals are full of surprises too — and proper preparation is key to fending off their attacks. Below are three lessons one can draw from this year's Super Bowl to better inform one's own cybersecurity policies and practices. More

Cisco makes its annual predictions on mobile data traffic
The New York Times
If everybody has a smartphone, maybe we'll soon just start calling them phones. Cisco Systems released its annual multiyear forecast for global mobile data traffic. This one, covering the years 2014-2019, has what has become the usual projection of tenfold growth in mobile traffic over the period — in this case, to 24.3 exabytes a month. One exabyte is a billion gigabytes. More

Obama seeks $14 billion to boost US cybersecurity defenses
President Barack Obama's budget proposal for the 2016 fiscal year seeks $14 billion for cybersecurity efforts across the U.S. government to better protect federal and private networks from hacking threats. More

SkyTran's levitating pods, a taxi for the sky?
Driverless pods, gliding above city streets using a network of elevated guideways. This is SkyTran — but is it the future? SkyTran wants to do away with train schedules and central stations to develop a grid system above the ground with multiple "off ramps" acting as stations where users can board prebooked pods — a cab service for the skies. More

Robots invade North Texas at Amazon distribution centers
Inside a Coppell warehouse, an army of robots are zipping around, working at a speed no human can. Amazon's distribution centers are high-tech operations that are the heart and soul of online shopping. More

DARPA trains robots to cook by watching YouTube videos: Why it's significant
How do you teach a robot to cook? Why, have it watch YouTube videos, of course, say government researchers who've come up with a mathematical model so innovative it allows a robot to learn just by watching videos. It's not really about cooking, of course; the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has been funding research to develop mathematical language to endow advanced sensors with the ability to discern which things they can hear or see are important while discarding input that is trivial. More

4 office culture killers and how to avoid them
Fast Company
There's a reason water coolers are the iconic meeting place for employees to air their grievances: in a workplace where there's nowhere else for staffers to break from the daily grind and let off steam, chances are high they'll have a lot of gripes to share — and that they spend more time stewing at their desks than working. More

3 essential secrets to retaining your best employees
The Huffington Post
You can't do it all alone. In order to succeed, it's essential to build exactly the kind of staff you want. But building your staff doesn't end at the hiring process. You've got to be able to foresee the challenges ahead. And when it comes to creating an amazing team, you can count on the fact that employee retention will be a challenge. Everyone wants to hire the best. How can you ensure that you'll retain your most valuable employees amid all the changes occurring within and outside of your organization? More