Tech Insights
Feb. 5, 2014

Swallow this 'password' pill to unlock your digital devices
Forget concocting long, complicated passwords to protect your digital devices and the precious information you access on them. They're too easy for hackers to crack and for you to forget. Just pop Motorola's edible "authentication vitamin" pill and you can literally become the password.More

US approves pill camera to screen colon
The Associated Press via WFAA-TV
One of the most dreaded procedures is about to get a lot better. U.S. regulators have cleared a very small camera to screen large intestines.More

MTBC President Bill Sproull weighs in on State of the Union
Dallas Business Journal
President Barack Obama's State of the Union address touched on numerous issues that affect business in America. The Dallas Business Journal asked some Dallas-Fort Worth businesspeople to offer their opinions on the president's message. Here is what they had to say.More

Student-made robots compete in Dallas
Statesman Journal
Dallas High School was unusually noisy for a Saturday. At a number of long lunch tables, groups of students clustered around a mess of computers, cords, papers and electronics. They talked loudly and urgently among each other. Some were rapidly typing at a laptop; others were bent over odd-looking machines of perforated metal and wheels.More

16 top big data analytics platforms
Data analysis is a do-or-die requirement for today's businesses. InformationWeek analyzes notable vendor choices, from Hadoop upstarts to traditional database players.More

Big data security challenges
There has been a lot of talk lately about the concept of big data, but big data is not really that new or novel. It's just standard data that's usually distributed across multiple locations, from a diverse array of sources, in different formats and often unstructured. Big data comes with some of its own best practices and challenges, but even administrators with years of experience sometimes lose sight of the fact that they need to treat big data in much the same way they have always treated data.More

The 5 stages of big data grief
Big data got glamorous in 2012, and vendors rushed to slap the words on their products. Project managers begged to be assigned to big data projects. Investors and board members asked management teams what their big data strategy was. It was a big data lovefest. More

US approves pill camera to screen colon
The Associated Press via WFAA-TV
One of the most dreaded procedures is about to get a lot better. U.S. regulators have cleared a very small camera to screen large intestines.More

Invasion of the Internet of Things
According to Patrick Gray, the "invasion of things" is already underway. Make sure your organization is prepared to use the new technology to its advantage instead of struggling to catch up.More

MTBC helps Wylie ISD move forward with focus on STEM fields
The Dallas Morning News
Connie Underwood is still learning the specifics of what she's teaching her students at Burnett Junior High School in Wylie. More

Android malware: Alcatel-Lucent diagnoses plague
EE Times
If China is worried about the security of Android phones, Alcatel-Lucent's latest malware report might have just made the case for all that costly angst.More

Data governance plans: Many companies don't have one
Companies may be diving deep into big data, but failure to implement data governance policies puts many at risk, a new survey finds.More

A social entrepreneur mixes Minecraft, YouTube and STEM education
This is the story of one of the wilder social enterprises out there trying to address the crisis in science, technology, engineering and math education, especially in under-served communities. So here goes.More

Here's why the Internet of Things will be huge and drive tremendous value for people and businesses
Business Insider
The Internet of Things represents a major departure in the history of the Internet as connections move beyond computing devices and begin to power billions of everyday devices, from parking meters to home thermostats. More

10 simple ways to cut business expenses
There's no avoiding the fact that running a business costs money. Whether it's a brick-and-mortar retail store, a service provider or a small e-commerce company, every startup has its own set of expenses. While you can't fully eliminate your costs, you can significantly reduce them with a few simple changes to your business operations.More