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Feb. 27, 2013

4 big BYOD trends for 2013
Last year, research firm Gartner heralded the bring your own device, or BYOD, phenomenon as the "most radical shift in enterprise client computing since the introduction of the PC." Such headlines often smack of hyperbole, but so far, BYOD has lived up to expectations. From executives who wanted corporate email access on their iPads to employees who lobbied IT to allow Android smartphones in place of BlackBerrys, consumers have driven the trend. But BYOD isn't just about getting what employees getting what they want. It's also about the army of tablets that have entered the enterprise and how those tablets have changed the way employees work.More

MTBC board approves top goals for 2013
During the February board meeting, the board approved the top goals for 2013. Many thanks to the committees and volunteers for all their work on behalf of the MTBC and for taking the time to thoughtfully construct stated goals for each of their areas. We're excited to see the amazing things the MTBC accomplishes in 2013.More

MTBC seeking innovative cloud and communications technology for Ericsson
Innovative companies have a unique opportunity to establish a relationship with telecom giant Ericsson, which is seeking innovative solutions involving cloud-based computing and communications. Ericsson is working with the MTBC TechQuest program to give small, innovative companies the opportunity to present their technologies to Ericsson executives. Applications are currently being accepted and are due by March 15 at

9 top threats to cloud computing security
Cloud computing grabbed the spotlight at this year's RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco, with vendors aplenty hawking products and services that equip IT with controls to bring order to cloud chaos. But the first step is for organizations to identify precisely where the greatest cloud-related threats lie.More

The best cloud computing companies and CEOs to work for in 2013
Hiring great people and creating a culture of achievement that is fun, focused and able to get challenging tasks done is not an easy task. Keeping that culture strong and focused on the customer takes a unique leader that consistently earns trust and respect. Those are the qualities Louis Columbus, Microsoft Enterprise Systems senior manager at Cincom, thinks of whenever he's asked to recommend the best cloud computing companies to work for. Using the scores from, Columbus put together a table comparing cloud computing companies and when available, the percentage of employees who approve of their CEO.More

How the White House says sequester would affect Texas
Dallas Business Journal
The White House recently released a state-by-state breakdown on how it believes the sequester would affect the nation should Congress be unable to act by March 1 to avoid a series of $85 billion in mandated budget cuts. It painted an ominous picture of lost services, reduced payrolls and fewer services if a solution is not reached by Friday's deadline. Congressional Republicans and Democrats are preparing dueling plans, The Washington Post said, but neither side believes the bills have enough support to be passed.More

Survey: Cloud computing boosts next generation of startups
Cloud computing isn't just potentially delivering savings and flexibility for existing organizations. It is also laying the groundwork for a new generation of business startups, a new survey finds. The study of 1,300 executives, conducted by Rackspace Hosting with support from Manchester Business School in the U.K., finds cloud engagements are delivering positive impacts, from cost savings to more innovation. Interestingly, the survey also reveals that most of these executives see cloud as laying the groundwork for the next entrepreneurial boom.More

4 IT leadership failures that make employees leave
A few weeks ago, in "How To Scare Off Your Best IT People," Jonathan Feldman, CIO for a rapidly growing North Carolina city, noted that with the job market heating up, organizations must fix the disconnect between what they say — "Employees are our most important asset!" — and what they do. Readers and colleagues weighed in that the problem goes well beyond poor communications. Too many of our leaders fall down in these four areas.More

Miller replaces Calton at North Texas Enterprise Center
Dallas Business Journal
John W. Miller has been named executive director of the North Texas Enterprise Center, a Frisco organization that helps small companies grow, especially those in the life-sciences sector. Miller replaces Larry Calton, who had led NTEC since its May 2003 inception.More

AT&T's Stephenson lays out telecom's future in speech
Dallas Business Journal
Government policymakers and executives in the telecommunications industry face three major challenges in coming years to help the industry move forward and make its maximum contribution to society and the economy, Dallas-based AT&T Chief Executive Randall Stephenson told the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.More

5G is coming, though no one knows what 4G is
Dallas Business Journal
It's just a whisper now. But expect a cacophony about 5G before long. That term refers to fifth-generation wireless technology for getting ever-faster, ever-stronger upload and download speeds. Telecom equipment makers such as Ericsson AB are starting to talk about 5G. And soon, you'll be hearing about it from your wireless service provider.More

Body suit gives you real-life 'spidey sense'
Discovery News
When it comes to recreating Spider-Man's superpowers, those silly string-blasting, wrist-mounted "web shooter" toys are mere child's play, at least compared to what Victor Mateevitsi has up his sleeve. Mateevitsi, a computer science grad student at University of Illinois at Chicago, has built a suit called SpiderSense that lets you feel the proximity to nearby objects or lunging villains. In fact, it's so sensitive and tingly that users can navigate with their eyes closed.More

Cockroaches may inspire robotics
Running cockroaches start to recover from being shoved sideways before their dawdling nervous system kicks in to tell their legs what to do, researchers have found. These new insights on how biological systems stabilize could one day help engineers design steadier robots and improve doctors' understanding of human gait abnormalities.More

Samsung, HP to introduce new tablet computers
Dallas Business Journal
Samsung Electronics and Hewlett-Packard Co. are dropping new entries into the tablet computer market in an effort to bite into Apple Inc.'s huge chunk of the tablet pie. The Wall Street Journal reported that before the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung announced that it has launched its new 8-inch tablet called the Galaxy Note 8.More

Slideshow: 9 hot gadgets from Mobile World Congress 2013
At Mobile World Congress 2013, cool new smartphones, tablets and phablets are on display. Check out some of the most interesting gadgets.More

Delete this: 7 tips for getting your inbox to 0
Fast Company
Rory Vaden, co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, is honestly embarrassed at how something so trivial as email has become such a significant source of stress in his life. But it really is. On some days Vaden feels like his inbox is this dark cloud hovering over his life disallowing any peace from settling in. It is a never-ending, constantly growing, impossibly satisfied, infinite mound of mounting minutiae to process and complete. Here are Vaden's seven tips for deleting this stress.More