Tech Insights
Mar. 5, 2014

Researchers work to give robots the knowledge of good and evil
Times Union
Showing children, and even some adults, the difference between good and bad can be a frustrating experience. So, how might complex and sometimes contradictory ideas of human morality be imparted into an artificially intelligent machine?More

New and renewing members — January and February
Thank you to the MTBC members who either joined or renewed their memberships during in January and February. Our members are the lifeline of our organization and serve to make us stronger and more successful. We hope you will join us in welcoming these new members, doing business with them and referring others members to the MTBC.More

STEM camps
The MTBC is passionate about supporting and promoting programs which educate today's students in STEM fields. We have compiled a list of STEM-focused summer camps already accepting registrations for 2014, and we have created a special page on our website to help these important camps get noticed. STEM matters. Get the youth in your life involved today.More

Board member profile: Chris Croupe
A 23-year veteran of the high-tech industry, Chris Croupe is currently a member of Alcatel-Lucent's global strategic marketing team where he analyzes the market and consumer trends that present challenges and opportunities for Alcatel-Lucent's customers. Prior to this role, Croupe was a member of Alcatel-Lucent's strategy and corporate development team where he had the opportunity to review many of ALU's businesses and practices to determine how the company could best position itself to take advantage of market and economic trends. More

Feds look to big data on security questions
Government IT leaders believe the growth of big data analytics may provide new tools in combating cybersecurity threats, according to a new report. The new report — based on conversations with18 federal government IT leaders with expertise in big data, cybersecurity and operations — found that agencies are exploring the opportunities and threats emerging at the intersection of their big data and cybersecurity initiatives.More

3 hot cloud concepts that can benefit all of IT
The term cloud has different meanings to different people. It's so broadly defined with so many meanings that it really does not mean much at all. However, several cloud concepts are gaining more interest, whether in cloud contexts or not. By focusing on these concepts, rather than the more general notion of cloud computing, you can get more value in your organization's technology, cloud and otherwise. More

Networking for dummies: 4 habits your contacts hate
Networking not working? Here are four common networking sins and suggestions for mending your ways before another valuable connection is lost. More

9 worst cloud security threats
Leading cloud security group lists the "Notorious Nine" top threats to cloud computing in 2013; most are already known but defy 100 percent solution.More

9 worst cloud security threats
Leading cloud security group lists the "Notorious Nine" top threats to cloud computing in 2013; most are already known but defy 100 percent solution.More

Texas surpasses California as top tech exporter
The Dallas Morning News
Texas is tops for tech exports, a new report says. Companies in Texas making semiconductors, telecommunications devices, computers and other items shipped more than $45 billion in products to other countries in 2012.More

6 skills CEOs prize in CIOs
Information Week
You want to be a CIO? The road to the top isn't about what you want. It's about fulfilling the expectations of your boss and peers. What should I focus on if I want to be a CIO someday? More

The Lone Star rises in high-tech exports
The Dallas Morning News
The cliche "Everything is bigger in Texas" now applies to high-tech exports. For the first time ever, as confirmed by a report from TechAmerica, a trade association that represents the technology sector, Texas has surpassed California as the nation's leader in high-tech exports. More

Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas among top places to look for work
Dallas Business Journal
If you're looking for a job, Dallas-Fort Worth is the place to look, according to the list of The Best Cities to Find a Job, released by the personal finance website

Frisco technology center pedals in new direction
The Dallas Morning News
When EV Tech was looking for a new home last year, CEO Maceo D. Ward turned to Frisco technology center NTEC as one of his options. For many years, Ward knew NTEC as an incubator focused on medical technology and life sciences, but he called the nonprofit center "on a whim to see what was going on and what was new." The call came at an opportune time. For the past year, NTEC has been undergoing changes in direction under a new executive director.More

Cisco launches Internet of Things security challenge
Cisco has launched the Internet of Things Grand Security Challenge for programmers to contribute to the patching up of security flaws in our Web-connected appliances, vehicles and devices.More

How the Internet of Things will become as mainstream as Dropbox
MIT Technology Review
According to booth-manning reps at Mobile World Congress, IBM is announcing an Internet of Things Cloud with free enrollment of the first 10 connected gadgets — whether washing machines or parking meters. It's the kind of teaser more closely associated with, say, file storage on Dropbox. While this IoT Cloud will be for businesses, it will provide tools for those businesses to write apps for ordinary folks, such as for health-monitoring and home-management systems. More