Tech Insights
Mar. 11, 2015

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the world of sport
The Guardian
Each game in this year's Six Nations championship will produce 2 million rows of data, equivalent to more than 1,400 actions per game. This data will be fed to broadcasters, fans and to coaches who can and will use the information to improve player performance.More

InterLink's 28th Annual 2015 Labor Market Survey needs your input
InterLink is performing its annual regional demand occupation survey with employers in every industry sector. Would you please see that people who hire the talent for your organization take five to seven minutes to provide their input about hiring needs? The results of this confidential survey will help North Central Texas secondary and post-secondary educators develop and implement programs to skill the current and future workforce. More

The new wave of analytics: real-time analysis using Tableau & Actian's SQL in Hadoop
By MTBC Business Intelligence Forum
Organizations are capturing more data than ever before, and thanks to technologies like Apache Hadoop, they now have places to store and manage that data. But just because you have access to your data doesn't mean you're getting value from it. The value comes from quality analysis. More

11 IoT programming languages worth knowing
Choosing which language to use for an Internet of Things project can be as big a decision as choosing a hardware platform. Here are 11 options to consider for your next coding project. More

7 weird wireless concepts that just might work
At IT Life, we like it when people think big, crazy, or outside the box. We especially like when they do all three. Amongst the new smartphones and business partnerships that streamed out of the 2015 Mobile World Congress were some ideas that take us well off the beaten path. More

Obama launches TechHire initiative to train more workers for technology jobs
Dallas Business Journal
President Barack Obama announced a new initiative to train more workers for technology jobs. Called TechHire, the initiative follows a familiar template for the Obama administration. Mix a new government program with various private-sector initiatives, throw in some community organizing, and then brand it with a high-profile speech. More

Mobile World Congress 2015: 5 glimpses of the future
Mobile World Congress 2015 brought together 2,000 exhibitors and tens of thousands of delegates under one roof in Barcelona. But as well as the myriad cell phone launches that are the show's trademark, this year's event also pointed to a brave new world of mobile technology, featuring speakers and exhibitors that had everyone asking questions from: What if cars could talk to each other? When will we outgrow 4G? And why isn't my vending machine smart yet? More

Getting the right fit for wearable technology within the retail landscape
Remember the Dick Tracy wristband radio? It was the stuff of comic book legend just over 50 years ago — and today, its offspring, the wearable technology device, has worked its way into the mainstream of mobile innovation. How quickly as a society we evolve from science-fiction fantasy to adapted reality. More

Report: Tech CFOs boost spending on cybersecurity
The Wall Street Journal
Chief financial officers at technology companies have increased security spending in the past year as they buy up new security tools and develop ways to respond to breaches. It highlights the CFO's growing role the cybersecurity discussion, and the realization that adequate cybersecurity requires more robust tools. More

Solving minority underrepresentation in STEM careers
The Hill
The role of parents and communities in promoting educational achievement is paramount to Arva Rice, CEO of the New York Urban League. In February, the organization published "A Parent's Guide to STEM" to provide caregivers with the tools and support to assist children in making good academic choices and to provide encouragement and ultimately increase representation in science and technology jobs. Women and minorities are markedly underrepresented in STEM careers, and this is where the New York Urban League historically plays a critical role. More

Work-life balance is dead — Here's why that might be a good thing
Gone is the notion of balance. Increasingly, professionals are comfortable blurring the line between work and home. More

1st technology to recognize flow of people from low-resolution imaging
Fujitsu via
Fujitsu announced that it has developed the industry's first technology that provides highly accurate detection of people's movements and that can recognize the flow of people from low-resolution imagery incapable of distinguishing faces. In existing systems that analyze video taken from surveillance cameras and recognize flows of people, the problem has been that the resolution may be high enough to identify individuals, rendering the footage unusable. More

New technology could improve night vision, thermal imaging
University of Texas at Dallas via
Engineers at the University of Texas at Dallas have created semiconductor technology that could make night vision and thermal imaging affordable for everyday use. More

RentEval, former CodeLaunch App Competition winner, earns investment and new opportunity
Rapoport Investments, LP, a company headed by Angel Investor Neal Rapoport, announced the acquisition of a majority stake in RentEval, a real estate services smartphone application, to become an industry leader in property evaluation technology. More