Tech Insights
Mar. 26, 2014

Food technology: Texas Instruments' DLP technology is helping consumers determine what's in food
The Dallas Morning News
Call it food technology. Texas Instruments Inc. and a Canadian startup company have teamed up to help consumers determine what's in food. TellSpec Inc. of Toronto just announced that it's using TI's digital light processing technology to update what it deems as the first consumer hand-held food scanner.More

Board profile: Jeff Meier, Fujitsu CIO
Jeff Meier has previously served the MTBC as a tri-chair of the Cloud Computing SIG, and now serves on the MTBC board. Meier is currently the senior vice president and chief information officer for Fujitsu Network Communications Inc. Fujitsu is a leading provider of Packet Optical Networking platforms and professional services and software in the North American network service providers market. More

Interview: Cisco's security supremo on the Internet of Everything
Among his many responsibilities, Chris Young is the Cisco executive charged with leading its security challenge. Last week at Cisco Live Australia, Vulture South talked to Young about securing the Internet of Everything.More

Most influential countries for the Internet of Things
There are now millions of gadgets capable of connecting to the Internet, from mobile devices to automobiles, home appliances and even personal fitness trackers. Despite its continuous growth, this sector of the industry is still in its early stages. According to a recent Forrester study, consumer interest in the smart home is high. That means we can expect more innovations to come in the near future. The imposing question is, who is leading the Internet of Things for worldwide adoption?More

Joining the Internet of Things, LG's new smart light bulb
Sci-Tech Today
LG's new smart lamp can act as an alert signal for your smartphone or, one assumes, any connected and compatible device. Thus, even if you have your smartphone on vibrate, the smart bulb can be set to blink when a call is coming in. In alarm clock mode, LG's smart light bulb can emulate a small sunrise by gradually glowing to wake you up. More

10 ways to fight digital theft and fraud
The best way to thwart digital theft and fraud is to use a holistic, connected approach that takes advantage of the latest technologies and applies advanced analytics to vast data sets. It's an approach IBM touted at a mid-March event in New York where it brought together more than 100 security, compliance and risk-management professionals. More

Opinion: STEM stinks for cybersecurity
Forbes Richard Stiennon
The problem of not having enough cybersecurity workers will not be solved in the short term by ramping up four-year degree programs in cybersecurity. What we need in every state is a vibrant VoTech education system while simultaneously working to remove the onus from not having a four year degree. Article presents various certification resources.More

How to get a job in energy IT
IT pros in search of a salary windfall should look to energy and utilities, where new exploration techniques, demand for renewable energy and new regulations are opening up jobs. More

Researchers work to give robots the knowledge of good and evil
Times Union
Showing children the difference between good and bad can be frustrating. So, how might complex and sometimes contradictory ideas of morality be imparted into an artificially intelligent machine?More

The era of Facebook is an anomaly
The Verge
Danah Boyd's SXSW keynote is sold out. When it's over, a dozen fans rush the stage. These fans aren't young groupies hoping to get a closer glimpse at their favorite rock star, but full-grown adults hoping to hear one more word from Boyd. More

CIO's real boss: The customer
There was a time when the job of the chief information officer was compared to the chief stoker aboard powerful steamships. Both were critical positions for big enterprises. Both were responsible for keeping the machinery of business operating powerfully and efficiently. And both were kept out of sight of customers. More

7 books every leader should read, according to a Harvard Business School professor
Business Insider
Max Bazerman, a business psychology professor at Harvard Business School and the author of the best book on general decision-making, "Judgment in Managerial Decision Making," came out with 7 book recommendations. More

How to get a job in energy IT
IT pros in search of a salary windfall should look to energy and utilities, where new exploration techniques, demand for renewable energy and new regulations are opening up jobs. More

Cloak app helps you avoid social contacts
There's no shortage of social apps that help you connect with friends both in real life and over the Web — take Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, for example. But, what about those serendipitous moments that you'd rather avoid, such as bumping into an ex-girlfriend or co-worker during a night out?More

Bitcoin nabob: Yes, there's life after Mt. Gox
Bitcoin's been very much in the news of late for all the wrong reasons. In February, the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox declared bankruptcy after some $400 million in bitcoins got stolen. Bitcoin bank Flexcoin recently shut down after robbers made off with $600,000 in stolen bitcoins, while a smaller exchange called Poloniex lost more than 12 percent of its assets after a hack. Adding to the general uncertainty, another exchange, Blockchain, suffered an hourslong outage. More

Obama meets with tech industry leaders on US government spying
Ecumenical News
President Barack Obama told anxious leaders of the tech industry during a recent meeting he would live up to a previous promise to curtail the government's mass collection of American phone data. He would also extend greater privacy protections to non-Americans ensnared by NSA surveillance. More