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Mar. 27, 2013

CIOs must embrace digital business
The MO of the digital business is that it's adept at using mobile, social and analytics platforms to boost sales and improve marketing and customer service. Those chief information officers who aren't at the center of their companies' e-commerce, social networking, mobile application and CRM initiatives risk being shunted into an infrastructure and operations role — to the nongrowth, nonhappening parts of their companies.More

Better eyes for flying robots
IEEE Spectrum
Aerial robotics research has brought us flapping hummingbirds, seagulls, bumblebees and dragonflies. But, if these robots are to do anything more than bear a passing resemblance to their animal models, there is one thing they'll definitely need: better vision. In February, at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference in San Francisco, two teams presented new work aimed at building better-performing and lower-power vision systems that would help aerial robots navigate and aid them in identifying objects. 

Smart power: Why more bytes will mean fewer — and cleaner — electrons
Improving energy efficiency is the no-brainer, no-loser environmental policy. By limiting wasted power, we reduce the number of power plants we need — and their consequent pollution — and we save money. It shouldn't be surprising that when President Barack Obama went looking for a green policy that the entire nation could agree with during his State of the Union speech, he settled on energy efficiency, challenging Americans to "cut half the energy waste by our homes and businesses over the next 20 years."More

Superefficient nanowires could be future of solar energy
Extremely thin nanowires are expected to revolutionize the field of electronics, and a new study in the journal Nature Photonics shows that they could have an impact on solar energy production as well. According to the study, researchers at the Niels Bohr Institut in Denmark and Switzerland's École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne have been able to use a single nanowire to concentrate sunlight up to 15 times its normal intensity. The development has expanded what researchers previously believed to be the potential theoretical limit on how much energy can be collected from the sun's radiation.More

5 myths of cloud computing
Data Center Knowledge
Technologies around the Internet and the WAN have been around for some time. However, it wasn't until very recently that a specific term began circulating that was supposed to emphasize the combination of these technologies. Cloud computing was born out of the idea of a distributed computing system where information was available from different points. Although the idea has certainly caught on, there are still some misconceptions and confusions around the cloud.More

Cybersecurity a growing issue for small business
As more business owners utilize technology such as cloud computing, mobile devices and apps, the risk of hackers accessing money and sensitive business data becomes more real. The House Committee on Small Business addressed this issue during a recent special hearing called Protecting Small Businesses Against Emerging and Complex Cyber-Attacks.More

US cyberplan calls for private-sector scans of Internet
The U.S. government is expanding a cybersecurity program that scans Internet traffic headed into and out of defense contractors to include far more of the country's private, civilian-run infrastructure. As a result, more private-sector employees than ever before, including those at big banks, utilities and key transportation companies, will have their emails and Web surfing scanned as a precaution against cyberattacks.More

Better eyes for flying robots
IEEE Spectrum
If robots are to do anything more than bear a passing resemblance to their animal models, there is one thing they'll definitely need: better vision.More

5 trends that will drive the future of technology
Trends get a bad rap, mostly because they are often equated with fashions. Yet trends can be important, especially those long in the making.More

Accenture: Predictive analytics adoption triples
Computer Weekly
Chief data officers are rising to the leadership of business analytics programs in the U.K. and U.S. more quickly than expected, according to an Accenture study that surveyed the field for the first time since 2009.More

Why the collision of big data and privacy will require a new realpolitik
People's movements are highly predictable, researchers say, making it easy to identify most individuals from supposedly anonymized location datasets. As these datasets have valid uses, this is yet another reason why we need better regulation.More

5 ways big data is going to blow your mind and change your world
The Washington Post
Some people say big data is wallowing in the trough of disillusionment, but that's a limited worldview. If you only look at it like an IT issue, it might be easy to see big data as little more than business intelligence on steroids. If you only see data science as a means to serving better ads, it might be easy to ask yourself what all the fuss is about.More

Why big data is choking business managers
"It takes me three days to read the daily reports from our business intelligence system," a colleague complained to Doron Aspitz several years ago, obviously frustrated. In this moment, Aspitz, CEO of Verix, saw the problem that enterprises would face with big data. His colleague needed to read the reports closely, because he had specific domain expertise that he could use to look for trends. At the time, it was not possible for computers to automate this process. It was also impossible to stuff the colleague, or at least his knowledge, into a computer. The result was more reports for business managers to read.More

5 weird habits that make people successful and awesome
Fast Company
Yes, we all need to heed our callings, follow our north stars and not settle for a job, but pursue careers. Thing is, during anyone's career, sometimes it gets weird — and getting weird can pay off. Over at Forbes, Jason Nazar gets it done.More

3 skills to prevent leadership burnout
Owning your own business is enormously rewarding, but success can take a Herculean effort that often leads to isolation and exhaustion. Preventing burnout before it starts will strengthen your business and help you build a lasting career in entrepreneurship.More