Tech Insights
Apr. 9, 2014

MTBC recognizes key volunteers
In honor of National Volunteer Week, the MTBC wants to recognize volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their service to our organization during the last year. Thank you to the MTBC members who have dedicated countless hours of their time to make our organization such a strong leader for our industry: Wayne Rampey, Laura Lazarescou, Patrick McCrane, Paul Nichols, David Wuensch, Steve Flad. With their leadership, along with other dedicated MTBC volunteers, the tech industry continues to get stronger. More

Chairman's Circle profile: Haynes and Boone LLP
When corporate counsel at some of the world's largest technology companies says you're a "Go-To Law Firm For Technology," it's an authoritative validation. Haynes and Boone received that recognition from clients in 2008, as shown by the annual survey in American Lawyer Media's Corporate Counsel magazine. The attorneys at Haynes and Boone understand technology trends and are committed to using the best technologies available to better serve their clients.More

Chasing Tier One status: How having a top research university would affect DFW
Dallas Business Journal
MTBC President Bill Sproull is quoted in the Dallas Business Journal about how having a Tier One research university delivers startups, graduates and research into the communities where they're located, fueling "innovation economies. It's inarguable how important a Stanford is to Silicon Valley or an MIT is to Boston," Sproull said. More

Tech accelerator, incubator, coworking space to launch in Richardson
Dallas Business Journal
A new technology accelerator, incubator and coworking space soon will be available in Richardson. Tech entrepreneur Jason Liu will host the grand opening for his new program, DFW Excellerator, April 18 and 19. More

What are Dallas New Tech's startups serving up this month?
Dallas Business Journal
Dallas New Tech's April showcase will feature a home monitoring sensor system, a social network for real estate professionals and a kid-friendly messaging mobile application. The products were developed by three of the seven Dallas-Fort Worth startups that will present in front of a crowd of more than 100 guests. This month, the event is free.More

Here's how people will actually use the Internet of Things
Business Insider
The Internet of Things will make many of the familiar devices and objects in our lives — from door locks to toll booths to refrigerators — suddenly Internet-connected, smartphone-accessible and responsive. But which "things" in the Internet of Things will be truly disruptive and improve the way we live? What will be the killer app that popularizes it? More

6 ways the Internet of Things will transform enterprise security
Most enterprise security organizations are unlikely to have a spamming refrigerator on top of their list of things to worry about. But news earlier this year that an Internet-connected fridge was co-opted into a botnet that sent spam to tens of thousands of Internet users is sure to have piqued the interest of at least a few.More

8 business strategy tips from 'House of Cards'
American Express OPEN Forum
From never taking "no" for an answer to empowering your team, Frank Underwood doles out valuable lessons for binge-watching entrepreneurs.More

Food technology: Texas Instruments' DLP technology is helping consumers determine what's in food
The Dallas Morning News
Call it food technology. Texas Instruments Inc. and a Canadian startup company have teamed up to help consumers determine what's in food. More

6 steps for getting noticed in any setting
Fox Business
You know those people who command a room as soon as they walk in? There's just something about them. It's not their clothes, their haircut or their fashionably late arrival. It's more about the way they carry themselves.More

US unveils superaccurate atomic clock
Communications networks and positioning systems that require precise timing now have a new standard of precision to draw on: A new atomic clock that is three times more accurate than the previous standard for U.S. time and frequency.More

Samsung researchers celebrate promising graphene breakthrough
Flexible displays, terahertz chips and vastly improved electronics just got closer to emerging from laboratories and reaching the market, thanks to the work of the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology and Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, South Korea.More

Chinese investment in US tech booms despite cybersecurity fears
The Huffington Post
Chinese tech companies have splurged on major acquisitions of U.S. high tech firms in the first quarter of 2014, spending big bucks in pursuit of the markets, technology and talent found in the U.S., according to a report released by the Asia Society and the Rhodium Group. But, with cybersecurity questions driving a wedge in U.S.-China relations recently, the acquisitions are generating equal amounts of excitement and anxiety.More

How to protect yourself from the 'Heartbleed' bug
A new security bug means that people all across the Web are vulnerable to having their passwords and other sensitive data stolen. Here's what consumers can do to protect themselves.More

Does cloud computing require a new type of ROI measure?
Companies are less concerned about measuring return on investment for cloud computing engagements. Is that a good thing?More

What's wrong with STEM education?
The Huffington Post
Technology is changing our lives and is redefining the landscape of our economy. An increasing share of jobs will require a background in science, technology, engineering or math, and those with strong experience will find themselves at the center of our new economy. The U.S. government funnels $4.3 billion every year into STEM education-related initiatives, and while the administration's efforts are laudable, we must keep in mind some of the shortcomings and challenges we have witnessed to date before we begin promoting the widespread adoption of any particular approach. More

8 business strategy tips from 'House of Cards'
American Express OPEN Forum
From never taking "no" for an answer to empowering your team, Frank Underwood doles out valuable lessons for binge-watching entrepreneurs.More