Tech Insights
Apr. 15, 2015

Nokia buys Alcatel-Lucent
Nokia is to buy Alcatel-Lucent in an all-share deal that values its smaller French rival at $16.6 billion, building up its telecom equipment business to compete with market leader Ericsson.More

Top 10 mobile skills today's IT pros need to master
CIO Today
In a recent blog post, Gartner Relevant Products/Services distinguished analyst Nick Jones outlined 10 mobile technologies and skills that organizations need to master over the next two to three years. Additional training for enterprise Relevant Products/Services IT staff will be especially critical during this time since mobile technology is evolving so quickly, with new risks as well as new capabilities emerging.More

House set to move major cybersecurity bill this month
National Journal
The House will take up cybersecurity legislation on the floor this month after the chamber reconvenes from its spring recess, according to an agenda from Republican leadership. More

How Gov. Greg Abbott wants to create a fund to lure top researchers to Texas
Dallas Business Journal
In an initiative to bolster Texas universities' research firepower and spur economic growth, Gov. Greg Abbott is seeking to create a $50 million fund to raid out-of-state campuses for Nobel Laureate type talent.More

Energy harvesters power wearables
EE Times
Researchers at North Carolina State University are using nanotechnology to create energy harvesting and storage devices for ultra-low power sensors. The federally funded research aims to create battery-free, body-powered wearable health monitors.More

NSF brings together UT Dallas computer scientists, industry for new tech hub
Computer scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas hope that funding awarded by the National Science Foundation to create an Industry/University Cooperative Research Center will help the Dallas area become a research hub for technology that enhances human abilities.More

New report: Dallas one of top tech real estate markets in 2014
The Dallas Morning News
The Dallas area has one of the largest and fastest growth technology office markets in the country, according to a new report by CBRE. The commercial real estate firm ranked the 50 largest U.S. markets for high-tech employment growth.More

Brave robots are roaming the oceans for science
At the crest of a swell, an orange wing sticks straight up out of the ocean, like the fin of a miserable orca waving to the crowd at SeaWorld. That speck of color some 800 feet from the research vessel Paragon is part of an advanced seagoing robot, a drone, and the wing contains its antenna — which is talking to a satellite, which is talking to our skipper's cellphone.More

5 technology products that won't let you break the law
Yahoo News
You just bought yourself some fancy new electronic gadget, and you think you can do whatever you want with it. You might be surprised by laws that say, no, sorry, there are some things you may not do. And you might only find out about these laws when your device steps in to prevent you from breaking them.More

3 technology trends transforming healthcare
The healthcare industry has always been changing, but what is different about our industry now is that the pace of change has sped up. Keeping up with those changes is almost impossible. More so when day-to-day activity prevents leaders from strategic planning the next three to five year direction of their organization.More

5 ways the Internet of Things transformed the vending machine
Dallas Business Journal
The ability to access information generated by connected devices, remotely and in real-time, can enable a fundamental shift in how companies operate and how they generate revenues. By being constantly connected, companies can offer their customers a "product utility as a service," shifting the value from the actual product to the service this product provides.More

Leaders: 5 warning signs you're losing your influence
The Huffington Post
The truth is, leadership is about influence. After all, if you can't inspire and influence your team to accomplish your organization's purpose, then you won't get very far. But over the years, I've seen plenty of leaders lose that influence — and yet don't recognize when it starts slipping away. For a number of reasons, they're unable to see the warning signs that indicate they've lost authority and influence. Ex-leaders are everywhere, so don't become one. To help, here are five warning signs that you're losing influence with your team.More