Tech Insights
Apr. 22, 2015

VCs pour money into cybersecurity startups
The Wall Street Journal
In 2014 — a year in which cyberthieves stole customer information from at least four Fortune 500 companies — venture capitalists invested a record amount in privately held companies in the cybersecurity industry.More

Raytheon to acquire Internet security firm Websense for $1.9B
Dallas Business Journal
Raytheon Co., the Massachusetts-based defense contractor with a large North Texas presence, has agreed to acquire Websense Inc., an Austin security technology firm, for $1.9 billion.More

Paper memory ready to roll
EE Times
Researchers at the Finish VTT Technical Research Centre have demonstrated they could print memory circuits directly on paper, using simple roll-to-roll printing techniques with a particular mix of commercially available metallic inks.More

Incredible technology: NASA's wild airship idea for cloud cities on Venus
Astronauts could start exploring Venus in the not-too-distant future — as long as they stay high up in the planet's acid-laced skies.More

UTA opens the StartUp lounge to bolster entrepreneurial community
Dallas Business Journal
The University of Texas at Arlington has opened The StartUp Lounge as it aims to create a collaborative space for entrepreneurial efforts. The StartUp Lounge expects to bolster North Texas entities by facilitating initial steps within the entrepreneurial process.More

Scientists: Technology can transfer human emotions to your palm through air
University of Sussex via
Human emotion can be transferred by technology that stimulates different parts of the hand without making physical contact with your body, a University of Sussex-led study has shown.More

Can the Internet of Things save us from traffic jams?
The Guardian
Traffic is getting worse. It doesn't just feel that way, the stats prove it: Commuters in 2014 spent an average 66 more hours stuck in traffic than they did in 2013, according to navigation tech firm TomTom. So when Internet of Things technology is disrupting every part of our lives, when will traffic lights be rethought and rebuilt?More

Google's 'mobilegeddon' will shake up search results
The Guardian
Having a site that is friendly to mobile browsers on smartphones and tablets will be key from Tuesday as Google rolls out a new mobile-focused algorithm.More

Big IT means bigger performance challenges
Modern IT infrastructures are stretching legacy monitoring tools to the breaking point. The unprecedented "bigness" of today's networks — in numbers and complexity — creates many blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays. More

3 ways big data will personalize medicine
The definition of health care in recent years has expanded beyond referencing providers and hospitals to include pharma, insurance, biology life science organizations, medical device manufacturers and public agencies.More

10 IT hiring trends confounding private, public-sector CIOs
State government CIOs have some of the same hiring problems as their private-business counterparts. Here are 10 of the biggest trends in IT hiring and what executives can do to get the best talent.More

Change behavior quickly with this best practice
Great Leaders Serve
Recognize and reward the behaviors you want to see repeated. This is a universal and timeless principle of leadership. Professor Michael LeBoeuf called it the "greatest management principle." Maybe, maybe not, however it is an extremely powerful idea. Therefore, none of us were shocked when we discovered it as one of the best practices of high-performance organizations. If you want to change a culture quickly, here's how we say it ... honor values in action. More