Tech Insights
May. 6, 2015

UT-Dallas president taking No. 2 job with UT System
The Dallas Morning News
David Daniel, president of the University of Texas at Dallas, is getting promoted to the No. 2 job in the UT System. Daniel will become the system's deputy chancellor and chief operating officer starting July 1, according to an email Daniel sent to UTD staff this morning. He'll report to Chancellor Bill McRaven and help oversee the whole system, which has nine academic and six medical campuses.More

Despite strong pool, DFW still has a shortage of STEM talent
Dallas Business Journal
More than 30 young women and 40 Cisco Systems employees gathered on the networking equipment company's campus in Richardson recently for Girls Power Tech, a mentoring initiative aimed at stoking a passion that puts the high schoolers on a course to a career in science, technology, engineering or math.More

Using big data in a crisis: Nepal earthquake
Big data is the name given to our ever-increasing ability to collect more data from a multitude of sources, and analyze it for insights using advanced computer algorithms. Patterns humans can't see provide a better understanding of situations and solutions to problems. Disasters are big, messy and noisy situations, and exactly the sort of conditions in which big data can help to make sense of the chaos. More

TI Foundation presents $2.2M grant to LISD
Focus Daily News
The Texas Instruments Foundation recently announced a grant of up to $2.2 million to Educate Texas to support the continued development of a STEM district in the Lancaster Independent School District, accelerating an initiative to improve STEM learning and teaching across the district.More

Senate votes to abolish state tech fund, create new university research initiative
The Dallas Morning News
The Senate voted to dismantle a signature initiative of former Gov. Rick Perry, abolishing the scandal-plagued Emergency Technology Fund and transferring its remaining assets to the state's incentive program for new businesses and a new university research effort. The measure, requested by Gov. Greg Abbott, now goes to the House.More

Tapping cloud computing's full potential
Enterprises are realizing only 35 percent of the value from their workloads already in the cloud. Leading enterprise cloud adopters have migrated nearly two-thirds of their workloads to the cloud, yet the average company has only 18 percent there.More

Building a stronger security strategy: 6 tips
A chief information officer offers his formula for achieving the right balance between data security and employee productivity and convenience.More

New DOJ guidance offers tips for cyber incident response
Federal Times
During one of her first public appearances since being sworn in, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she will focus on investigating and prosecuting cyber crimes and stressed the need for law enforcement to work with the private sector to achieve true cybersecurity.More

It's all about personality: Bringing out humanity in robots
Hollywood has long been obsessed with the idea of humanizing robots. The idea that seemingly inanimate objects can develop a soul captivates audiences. Whether it's Rosie from "The Jetsons," C-3PO from "Star Wars" or Samantha from "Her," we consistently respond to the hope that humanity is not exclusive to Homo sapiens.More

5 GHz is finally mainstream
The Wi-Fi Alliance's new report shows widespread use of the 5 GHz spectrum by Wi-Fi devices, but it shouldn't have taken this long. The alliance could have done more to speed 5 GHz adoption.More

Hyperconvergence: Helping IT move the needle
Hyperconverged infrastructure provides enterprises with flexibility and ease of use that can allow them to break from old IT practices.More

Why entrepreneurs shouldn't be on every social network
Social media can be an extremely valuable tool for entrepreneurs who want to promote their business. But, when it comes to selecting and using a social media network, less is more.More