Tech Insights
May. 8, 2013

Moneyball at work: They've discovered what really makes a great employee
Business Insider
Hiring decisions have always been limited to a few imperfect factors, including what appears on a resume and what impression a candidate gives off in an informal interview. That's all changing.More

Small, fast-growing companies should submit nominations to Fast Tech/Tech Titans
If you know a small but fast-growing tech company based in North Texas, tell them to apply for Fast Tech by May 24. The Fast Tech awards, part of the MTBC Tech Titans gala and sponsored by Travis Wolff LLP and Comerica Bank, recognize the fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean-technology companies. The fastest-growing ranking is compiled from the nomination form and independent research using publicly available information. Fast Tech award winners for 2013 are determined based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth from 2010 to 2012.More

MTBC new and renewed memberships
Thank you to the MTBC members who either joined or renewed their memberships. Our members are the lifeline of our organization and serve to make us stronger and more successful. We hope you will join us in welcoming our new members, doing business with all members and referring other companies for membership to the MTBC.More

Legislative alert — Graduation requirements amendment proposed, R&D tax credit legislation passes House
MTBC (advocacy)
The Texas Legislature is making headway on several key issues that could impact MTBC member companies, including high school graduation requirements, Rainy Day Fund spending, water infrastructure spending, economic development, research and development, and others. See the legislative update for more information. To receive periodic legislative updates from the MTBC, register your email address online at our legislative advocacy website.More

The missing 'v's' in big data: Viability and value
The era of big data is not "coming soon." It's here today, and it has brought both painful changes and unprecedented opportunity to businesses in countless high-transaction, data-rich industries. In this first wave of big data, IT professionals have rightly focused on the underlying resource demands of big data, which are outstripping traditional data infrastructures and, in many cases, rewriting the rules for how and where data is stored, managed and processed.More

Active data demands storage rethink
Active data is changing in two important ways. The first is probably no surprise to any IT professional: There is more of it than ever. The working set of data is now substantially larger than what was dealt with in the past. Part of this change is that users simply create more data per device and everything is created on a device. And they have more devices on which they want to create that data. A great example can be found in simple note taking — fewer and fewer people take notes on paper any more. It starts out and remains digital. More

MetroPCS expects to migrate phones to T-Mobile network over 2 years
Dallas Business Journal
The MetroPCS offices in Richardson and Plano, and the 750 people employed there will remain critical parts of the company after the merger with T-Mobile, Tom Keys, chief operating officer of MetroPCS, recently said. The merger between Richardson-based MetroPCS and T-Mobile became official May 1. The combined company will be called T-Mobile U.S. Inc., but the two will continue to operate as separate entities. The company will be based in Bellevue, Wash.More

Parents want more use of mobile devices in classrooms
The EdTech Times
In one of the most comprehensive studies of parents' views on mobile devices in education, more than 50 percent of parents believe that schools should make more use of mobile devices in education, and 32 percent agree that schools should require them in the classroom. These findings are from a new study of how parents perceive mobile learning and devices in and out of the classroom. The Living and Learning with Mobile Devices Study was conducted by Grunwald Associates and the Learning First Alliance and underwritten by AT&T.More

The worst possible cybersecurity breaches could be far worse than you imagined
Those responsible for the cyberattack who briefly tanked the stock market recently by faking a news tweet about an attack at the White House showed how much damage can be done with a few well-placed keystrokes. Those who recently hacked into a Department of Labor website could have caused even more havoc, say, if they successfully tweaked the monthly jobs report.More

18 DFW-area companies make Fortune 500 list
Dallas Business Journal
Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has topped Irving-based Exxon Mobil Corp. atop the Fortune 500 list, but the Irving-based oil and gas producer led a strong contingent of 18 DFW-area companies on the list. Most states don't have 18 Fortune 500 companies located within their boundaries, so it shows that DFW is a national business center.More

10 ways cloud computing is revolutionizing manufacturing
The best manufacturers that Louis Columbus, Microsoft Enterprise Systems senior manager at Cincom, has visited this year all share a common attribute: They are obsessed with making themselves as easy as possible to work with from a supply chain, distribution and services standpoint. Many are evaluating cloud-based manufacturing applications including Enterprise Resource Planning, and several have adopted cloud-based applications across their companies.More

Why IT spending is stuck in a vicious circle
Technology professionals want to deliver business value, but it's hard to break out of the vicious circle of underfunding and catch-up. That's the main takeaway from InformationWeek's 2013 IT Spending Priorities Survey of more than 500 IT pros who set, manage or have a working knowledge of the tech budgets at their companies.More

Skip the gas station and fuel up on CNG at home
Dallas Business Journal
A compressed natural-gas vehicle pulls into the home garage after a long commute in freezing rain, the fuel gauge nearly empty. The driver passed several gas stations on the way home, avoiding the miserable weather. Instead, the car owner hooks the CNG vehicle up to an in-home fueling station right in the garage. Overnight, the vehicles' eight-gallon tank fills up using the same natural gas that fuels the home's stove, furnace and fireplace.More

Protecting yourself from cyberattacks
American Express OPEN Forum
Cybercriminals are targeting more small businesses than ever before. A new Symantec survey reports a 31 percent increase in cyberattacks on businesses with less than 250 employees. More

The tech industry's massive marketing problem
The U.S. has a skilled-developer shortage, and it's one of its own making. While Silicon Valley wrings its hands over H1B visa caps on skilled foreign workers, the bigger issue remains the U.S.' inability to educate its own citizens. More

Universities closing big data talent gap but need real data
Higher education is stepping up its efforts to teach big data analytics and business intelligence, but professors say they need businesses that depend on data to work with them to provide students with real data and real business problems to solve.More

Nanorobotics team is pioneering new medical technology
Nanowerk News
A team of engineering students is putting a twist on robotics, developing a nanoscale robotics system that could lead to new medical therapies. More

Meet the tech duo that's revitalizing the medical device industry
Fast Company
Some are here to help, others to witness something they have never seen before. The patient is heavily sedated but still awake; an LED screen suspended above the operating table displays the vital signs. Normal blood pressure is anything below 120 over 80. This patient's reading is 270 over 110. The astronomical numbers are why everyone has come — to see whether chronic hypertension that drugs aren't helping will respond to a radical new procedure.More

8 smartphone shortcuts that will change your life
American Express OPEN Forum
How much do you really know about your iPhone? You make calls, send text messages and take a few pictures to post on Instagram, but what about all the other bells and whistles? Brian Moran, publisher of Century 21's magazine, is constantly amazed by the new tricks and tips he learns about his smartphone. Here are eight of Moran's favorites. More

10 reasons why humor is a key to success at work
Tasteful humor is a key to success at work, but there's a good chance your co-workers aren't cracking jokes or packaging information with wit on a regular basis — and your office could probably stand to have a little more fun.More