Tech Insights
Jun. 3, 2015

Databases the weak point in big data projects
Big data is at the core of today's businesses and is recognized as the key to helping companies unlock never-before-seen opportunities and competitive advantages. But going from data points to competitive advantage can be a challenge filled with many variables.More

Ericsson deploys 5G test network at Plano North American HQ
Dallas Business Journal
Ericsson has deployed a live 5G test network at its Plano North American headquarters. The office is the only location in the U.S. with the test network. The other test network is at its office in Stockholm, Sweden.More

From mobile to the Internet of Things: How application development will change
In 2014, the Internet of Things moved center stage, becoming a driving force of the tech industry — just as mobile application development was starting to flourish in organizations across the world.More

Watch these star-shaped micro-robots perform mini biopsies
Popular Science
Colon biopsies are uncomfortable procedures, but doctors need to do them if they suspect that a patient may have colon cancer, the third most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in the U.S. Now researchers have developed star-shaped robots that can take tissue samples from inside the colon without the invasive probe.More

The highs and lows of cybersecurity integration
Based upon anecdotal evidence, it is estimated that the average large enterprise organization uses more than 70 different security tools from an assortment of vendors. As they say in Texas, "that dog don't hunt." In other words, it's nearly impossible to maintain strong security hygiene or establish best practices when the security organization is chasing cybersecurity optimization on a tool-by-tool basis. More

With Google's Jacquard, wearable technology may have just grown up
Google recently unveiled the creation of one of its better ATAP projects — Project Jacquard — a conductive fabric that can communicate with digital devices. The technology is small and lightweight, and it just might help connected clothing officially come of age.More

How big data drives success at Rolls-Royce
Rolls-Royce manufactures enormous engines which generate huge amounts of power, as they propel airplanes and ships across skies and oceans. It is an extremely high-tech industry where failures and mistakes can cost billions — and human lives. It's no surprise then that the company — which split from its automobile manufacturer parent company following insolvency in 1971 — has wholeheartedly embraced big data.More

Full-color organic light-emitting diodes with photoresist technology for organic semiconductors
Fujifilm Corporation and nano-electronics research institute imec have demonstrated full-color organic light-emitting diodes by using their jointly developed photoresist technology for organic semiconductors, a technology that enables submicron patterning. This breakthrough result paves the way to producing high-resolution and large organic Electroluminescent displays and establishing cost-competitive manufacturing methods. More

Shaping a better future for software security
Industry and government leaders discuss ways to improve practices, awareness and education around secure software development. Here's a recap of what you missed. More

Damaged robot can 'heal' itself in less than 2 minutes
Robots that are damaged in action can now quickly "heal" themselves by tapping into experiences from simulated lives, according to a new study. It may sound like science fiction, but these abilities could lead to more robust, effective and autonomous robots, researchers say.More

Cloud computing more about agile development than cost
Cloud computing might turn out to be a cost-saver, but that's almost beside the point. Focusing chiefly on the potential for cost savings — real or imagined — can overshadow the transformative potential for faster, more agile development and furthering the business objectives of the enterprise, a panel of cloud experts recently observed.More

5 apps that can help you run your company from your phone
The Business Journals
If you run a small business, you're constantly checking emails and text messages on your phone to stay on top of sales and operations. Here are five mobile apps that can help you run even more of your company from your phone.More