Tech Insights
Jun. 17, 2015

Buy or make: MTBC's Business Intelligence Forum debates issue
MTBC's Business Intelligence/Analytics Forum continues to embrace relevant topics for its audience, most recently hosting a session around when and how to implement visualization tools. In the world of BI visualization, many tools can connect directly to source systems. So, is it best to buy a tool first, connect to data and go? Or is designing and building the proper data structure the real place to start? The session was hosted by Hitachi Consulting.More

Cloud whispering: Beyond force-feeding IT staff
Are there still doubters in your IT organization when it comes to cloud computing? It's not unusual. Here are more tips to help overcome that doubt.More

IBM to invest 'hundreds of millions' in free data technology
International Business Machines Corp. will invest "hundreds of millions a year" into a free data analytics technology, according to Beth Smith, general manager of the company's analytics division.More

Tech firms need to use data ethically around the Internet of Things
The Guardian
As more connected products come to market, from smart thermostats on our walls to connected wearables on our wrists, how will we pay for it?More

Alcatel-Lucent consolidates operations into new regional HQ
Dallas Business Journal
Amid its $16.6 billion acquisition by Nokia, Alcatel-Lucent is preparing to move into a new regional headquarters building that will help streamline its operations.More

5 apps to help you manage your work on the road
Business Insider
These days, work doesn't end because you're away from the office — even if you're thousands of miles and a few time zones away. As business travel becomes more common for employees at all levels, it's important for people to stay connected with colleagues and be productive while they're on the road. More

3 biggest challenges facing businesses for the rest of 2015
Dallas Business Journal
Overall, only 57 percent of businesses expect revenue growth for 2015. Many challenges facing businesses over the years remain fundamentally the same.More

How to create a culture of daily mentorship
Team development and growth is critical to every business and retaining top talent is more important than ever. However, a great compensation package alone will not ensure a talented worker stays in the field.More

Cybersecurity first responders give advice on data breach aftermath
Your company just got hacked. Now what? According to a top cybercrime expert who specializes in data breaches and incident response, the first step is keeping the CISOs and IT security staff calm. A high impact cyberattack can be a stressful and disorienting event — even for the most veteran technology and business executive.More

5 ways to improve gender equity in the tech sector
In many respects, the technology sector in the United States is flying high these days. But when it comes to gender equity, the technology ecosystem, which prides itself on being a meritocracy in so many other respects, is failing badly.More

10 Raspberry Pi projects for learning IoT
The Raspberry Pi isn't just a great platform for building Internet of Things project: It's a super platform for learning about the IoT. Here are 10 projects to help built IoT skills.More