Tech Insights
Jun. 18, 2014

A roadmap for CIOs and CSOs after the year of the mega-breach
The journey starts with three steps: Engage the C-suite, think like a hacker and look at the big picture. As high-profile data breaches make headlines, CIOs and CSOs often stand between the C-suite and the next public IT failure. Some may wonder: Is "scapegoat" now a part of IT's job description?More

BlackBerry unveils BBM Protected offering more secure messaging
Dallas Business Journal
BlackBerry Ltd. recently announced the release of BBM Protected, the first product under its new eBBM Suite. The app has FIPS 140-2 encryption, which allows users to send fully encrypted messages between people in the same company and to others using BBM Protected.More

Report: AT&T to be exclusive carrier for new Amazon phone
Wireless Week
AT&T has landed the exclusive carrier rights for Amazon's new smartphone, according to The Wall Street Journal. Amazon is expected to announce its new smartphone at an upcoming event in Seattle. Reports and teasers from the company suggest the phone will feature 3D imaging that uses eye-tracking technology instead of glasses.More

Playing games with the Internet of Things
For an Internet of Things world to be a lucrative world, it needs to be a fun and rewarding. Here's how businesses can learn to play.More

Godzilla foreshadows trouble for Internet of Things
A San Francisco road sign warning of a "Godzilla Attack" may seem like a relatively harmless prank, but it's likely a sign of much worse things to come. Securing the Internet of Things requires a different mindset, suggested Cisco TRAC manager Seth Hanford, because there are "some very simple things which will not scale securely in a future of myriad embedded devices."More

The 3 coolest things we saw at the SmartAmerica Expo
The Internet of Things is so much more than a Google-backed thermostat or a refrigerator that connects to Facebook. The expansive possibilities of IoT were on display at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, as the first-ever SmartAmerica Expo showcased 24 projects from more than 100 different public agencies, private companies and academic institutions. The expo was part of the SmartAmerica Challenge, which launched in December as a call to action to show how the Internet of Things, or cyberphysical systems, can have serious socioeconomic benefits for the country.More

Tech giants seek to halt overseas snooping by US
The Associated Press via The Dallas Morning News
Microsoft Corp. and four other large American technology companies are using a Manhattan court case to draw a line in the cloud, saying the U.S. government has no right to seize computer data stored outside the country.More

Robot doctors, online lawyers and automated architects: The future of the professions?
The Guardian
Last year, reporters for The Associated Press attempted to figure out which jobs were being lost to new technology. They analyzed employment data from 20 countries and interviewed experts, software developers and CEOs. They found that almost all the jobs that had disappeared in the past four years were not low-skilled, low-paid roles, but fairly well-paid positions in traditionally middle-class careers. Software was replacing administrators and travel agents, bookkeepers and secretaries, and at alarming rates.More

Is anonymous big data really possible? Yes, says ITIF
Big data's reputation has taken quite a beating during the last year. Between the revelations about the National Security Agency's massive data mining operations and the realization that big companies, like Google and Facebook, can predict our future purchases with shocking accuracy, big data is increasingly viewed as a big threat to privacy. More

Playing games with the Internet of Things
For an Internet of Things world to be a lucrative world, it needs to be a fun and rewarding. Here's how businesses can learn to play.More

How the math of biometric authentication adds up
Yes, it's true that if your authentication scheme only allows a single fingerprint you only have 10 choices. But, there's no rule that says it has to be one, and only one.More

Help assess needed software development talent
The MTBC seeks recruiters or staff at the manager level and above to take part in an important workforce survey that will identify professional skills for critical roles in software development.More

Energy companies aim to recruit more women amid industry boom
The Times-Picayune
When Debbie Settoon landed her first job as a project engineer at a small New Orleans oil and gas drilling company in 1979 she quickly learned that if she wanted to get anywhere in her industry she needed to learn how to curse like a sailor. Or like an oil and gas man, for that matter. More

Am I working too hard and, if so, why?
Many people confuse hard-working people with workaholics. What is workaholism? Workaholism is more than a dedication to your job. It's a near-obsessive commitment that supersedes most, if not all, other aspects of life. For many, workaholism is a true addiction, inextricably tied to feelings of self-worth and identity. More