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Jun. 26, 2013

Google Glass, augmented reality and cloud computing
Google Glass has been generating a lot of hype because of its capabilities, which is an indication that technology is finally heading towards the direction of science fiction; a move that a lot of people growing up in the '70s and '80s have been anticipating for a long time. Google Glass is a wearable computer that opens up a lot of multimedia possibilities, not just for sharing and recording, but for consumption as well. The biggest possibility would be augmented reality. This brings a totally new piece to the board, which will change the game once again. And this alone will already make Google Glass a worthy purchase.More

Deloitte calls for nominations for national Technology Fast 500 awards
Submit your nomination for Deloitte's 2013 Technology Fast 500, a list of the 500 fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and clean technology companies in the United States and Canada based on percentage revenue growth from 2008 to 2012. The deadline for nominations is June 28. For more information, visit their website, or contact the Fast 500 team.More

Health Wildcatters seeking applicants for health apps
Tech Wildcatters
Have an idea that can improve healthcare? Have a mind for business? Need help getting started? Health Wildcatters will invest time and money in your company. Health Wildcatters is a mentor-driven healthcare startup accelerator in Dallas, using best practices from the realms of both tech acceleration and life science incubation. Not only is this an opportunity to create jobs and further the entrepreneurial ecosystem here in DFW, but it is a chance to improve and even save lives as these young startups make the transition from ingenious idea to exciting reality. Applications due July 15. Visit their website to apply.More

12 common mistakes startups make in their 1st year
Business Insider
When you write and read about startups all day long, you see founders make a lot of mistakes. As an observer of and dabbler in startups, Alyson Shontell, technology startup editor for Business Insider, has kept track of all the things she'd try to avoid as an entrepreneur. Here are the most common mistakes early-stage startups and new founders make.More

Ask a physicist: 5 tips for women in science
The Huffington Post
Lilyvania Mikulski, the assistant director of the Office of Media Relations at Florida International University, interviewed Idaykis Rodriguez, a Ph.D. candidate in physics at the university about what it means to be a woman in science. Their correspondence is as follows.More

FAA reconsiders gadget rules on airplanes
Come this fall, flying may be slightly less annoying due to pending changes in regulations about the use of electronic devices on airplanes. The Federal Aviation Administration is prepared to alter the rules and allow for wider use of such gadgets during taxiing, take-off and landing, reports The Wall Street Journal.More

10 apps that make TV much more interesting to watch
Business Insider
Tablets and smartphones dominate our mobile lives. So it makes sense that apps would break into our living rooms, too. Social networks like Twitter and Facebook always go nuts when a popular show premieres or finishes. Developers and companies are taking advantage of this phenomenon by making apps that complement the TV watching experience.More

Big data goes to college: Ed tech startup Civitas Learning scores $8.75 million
Colleges and universities are sitting on mounds of data that could lead to all kinds of valuable insights — like which students are most at risk for failing or what course loads tend to lead to attrition. But, until recently, schools haven't had the tools to aggregate and analyze those disparate datasets. About a year ago, Civitas Learning launched to bring big data analytics to higher ed. The Austin-based company recently said it raised an additional $8.75 million in venture capital.More

Educate Texas to lead advancement of STEM education in state
Educate Texas
The second annual U.S. News STEM Solutions 2013-The National Conference recently concluded, as Educate Texas gathered with more than 2,000 leaders and visionaries from across the country to advance the national agenda for STEM education, policy and workforce development. A key supporter of the conference, Educate Texas hosted special Texas STEM Day programming and the STEM Innovation Zone, spearheading collaboration and discussion about the future of STEM education in Texas.More

Dear Wall Street: Think bigger about cybersecurity
The Hill (commentary)
The recent theft of approximately $45 million from ATMs across the globe made for a series of splashy, cringe-inducing headlines. The thought that a network of criminals could maneuver their way through sophisticated security programs to quickly syphon tens of millions of dollars out of bank accounts has prompted more than a few people to sneak a look at their checking account to make sure it is all there. More

Cybersecurity: The potential perils of bringing your own device
Science Omega
Laptops, tablets and smartphones have altered the daily lives of countless citizens. Accessing the Internet whilst on the move has become second nature to many, and users have grown accustomed to working with the same media across multiple devices. Cloud computing is a term widely used to denote the ability to connect and to synchronize multiple devices over a network. In combination with the advent of smart devices, the cloud has transformed the way in which we utilize and interact with computers.More

Avoiding pitfalls in predictive analytics models
Data Informed
Predictive analytics will almost always enable better business decisions. While customer behavior may have changed due to the current economic climate, the value provided by a predictive model will always be better than that driven by instinct or gut feelings.More

Defending NSA PRISM's big data tools
It's understandable that democracy-loving citizens everywhere are outraged by the idea that the government has backdoor access to digital details surrounding email messages, phone conversations, social networks and more on the servers of mainstream service providers.More

FDA raises concerns about the cybersecurity of medical devices
The FDA has raised concerns about the vulnerability of medical devices to cyberattack. In one dramatic instance, a Veterans Affairs catheterization laboratory in New Jersey was temporarily closed after malware infected the lab's computer devices.More

The power of predictive analytics for IT?
A major national retailer suffered periodic outages in its gift-card processing application, preventing cashiers from processing customer cards for up to an hour or more. Each time an outage occurred, application, VMware, SQL Server, Windows Server and network experts would spend hours poring through mountains of system logs and making phone calls to tech support lines, without any success in finding the root cause. More

Who should be driving big data?
Every day the number of ways in which we can collect data grows, from personal data collected by exercise gadgets such as Fitbit Flex and Nike FuelBand, to the social interactions that we engage in online through Facebook, Google and Twitter.More

Avoiding pitfalls in predictive analytics models
Data Informed
Predictive analytics will almost always enable better business decisions. While customer behavior may have changed due to the current economic climate, the value provided by a predictive model will always be better than that driven by instinct or gut feelings. More

Why big data will never beat business intuition
TheMIX via CNNMoney
Big data is big business. Sensors, GPS tracking, math modeling and artificial intelligence offer companies real-time market insights at massive scale and open the door to unprecedented ways of monitoring, targeting, and measuring employees and customers. Analyst firm Gartner predicts that enterprises adopting big data technologies will "outperform competitors by 20 percent in every available financial metric."More

6 ways successful people stretch their comfort zones
Everyone has a so-called comfort zone. That mental space you live in where there are boundaries and you feel a sense of emotional security with your work and your decision-making. What distinguishes successful people from everyone else is what they do with their comfort zone. There are those who are perfectly happy staying warm and cozy in this safe box they've built; and then are those who constantly push and test the limits.More

7 reasons why IT won't disappear anytime soon
Companies are moving more and more of their IT functions online in the form of publicly available cloud computing services, software as a service applications and the like. That's not really a big surprise. Where the controversies, or at least the questions, arise are in the company's IT department.More