Tech Insights
Jul. 15, 2015

4 videos that explain how technology can affect your brain
BrainCraft is a YouTube channel exclusively devoted to brains. It explains "through psychology and neuroscience why this fleshy mass makes you act the way you do," whether that means our compulsive Googling or our love of Tetris. Written and hosted by Vanessa Hill, the channel's a collaboration with PBS Digital Studios and uploads a new video every other week that probes the mysteries of human gray matter. They've got some interesting ones about the relationship between your brain and technology, but all of the uploads will give you greater appreciation for that pink memory sponge of yours.More

Future of video content: Evolution toward 2020
Written by MTBC Executive Committee member Chris Croupe, Alcatel-Lucent
Since service providers own the access network, they can deliver the personalized video content consumers want at the quality levels they demand. That's why, with the right investment and partnerships, service providers should remain the preferred distributor of video entertainment in the forseeable future. More

Software-defined storage vendors leading the pack
What is software-defined storage? Imagine all of the really smart code — deduplication, compression, erasure coding, file systems, object metadata and management systems — ripped out of those expensive storage appliances and running on virtual instances or containers in COTS servers.More

It's not just OPM: Cybersecurity across the federal government is pretty awful
The Washington Post
The nation is still reeling from the revelation that hacks at the Office of Personnel Management exposed the personal data of 22.1 million people. But government audits reveal that the agency isn't alone: Basically the whole government is struggling to protect its computer systems.More

Virtual reality technology expands to a blitz of uses, including football
You slip a smartphone into a pair of clunky goggles and place them on your head. The room around you dissolves and you're standing on a grassy field behind a lineup of football players. You hear the crowd's cheers. It's time to play football.More

Since relocating to North Texas, CyrusOne has been on a data center growth spree
Dallas Business Journal
A Dallas Business Journal interview with Gary Wojtaszek, CEO of CyrusOne.More

Early introduction can encourage more women to join STEM fields
Chicago Tribune
Maybe you recall the Verizon commercial that follows a young girl as she's growing up. Samantha takes a keen interest in activities like wading in a stream and building a rocket ship; activities that explore science, technology, engineering and math fields. Yet she's discouraged from pursuing those interests by the folks around her with comments like "Why don't you hand that to your brother" or "Don't get your dress dirty." It concludes with a thoughtful question: Isn't it time we told her she's pretty brilliant, too?More

How to turn obstacles into opportunities
Entrepreneurs often find that the only constants in life are problems. Obstacles are to be dreaded, leading only to stress, anxiety and self-doubt. At least, that's what we've been conditioned to think.More

Which Dallas-Fort Worth companies raised the most money in Q2?
Dallas Business Journal
Dallas-Fort Worth saw a rise in venture capital investment dollars in the second quarter. So, who were the winners of the second quarter? Data provided by PitchBook shows that the area had 27 deals totaling $190.61 million, up from the $150.57 million invested in 28 deals in the same quarter last year.More

2 visions emerge for getting self-driving cars on road
The Dallas Morning News
Two competing visions could determine how you first experience a driverless car. Traditional automakers, like Mercedes and Toyota, already make vehicles equipped with systems that keep cars within their lanes, apply the brakes or park by themselves. Their plan is to gradually automate more functions of driving until, perhaps by 2025, some cars will be fully capable of driving themselves.More

3 reasons that face-to-face meetings still matter
Dallas Business Journal
In the highly globalized B2B business arena, it's easy to lean on technology for all communication, but that may not be the best decision for your business. With GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, social media and email, some business leaders can't see the point in physically meeting with customers.More