Tech Insights
Jul. 22, 2015

Tech Titans award finalists announced
Forty-eight individuals and organizations are one step closer to joining an elite group of people known as the best of the best in the North Texas technology industry. The Metroplex Technology Business Council has announced the finalists for the 15th Anniversary 2015 Tech Titans Awards. One finalist in 12 categories will be crowned a Tech Titan at the Tech Titans Awards Gala, Friday, Aug. 21 at the Hotel InterContinental Dallas.More

Could we finally power cars with solar panels? Nanowire technology may allow new types of hydrogen fuel cell for vehicles
Daily Mail
Solar-powered cars have come a step closer after scientists discovered a way to create compact fuel cells that use the power of the sun to generate hydrogen. Researchers claim their method has increased the efficiency of using solar cells to split water into its constituent elements — hydrogen and oxygen — by a factor of 10. More

'Battlebots' champion uses smartphones to help robots see the world
For Road Trip 2015, we chat with Donald Hutson, one of the reigning robot warriors, about cheaper machines and how the ubiquity of mobile devices will help push robots into the mainstream.More

Electric vehicle batteries are getting cheaper much faster than we expected
Ars Technica
Earlier this year, Telsa Motors made headlines when it announced that the company would start selling Tesla-branded stationary storage batteries. The move was expected, but a bit odd — battery storage for homes has been around for years, but it has never really been cost-effective enough in most households to merit the kind of treatment that Tesla gave it. While Tesla successfully nurtured a luxury electric vehicle market, it still seemed out of place to see a luxury brand going out of its way to put car batteries on homes.More

Lack of digital talent adds to cybersecurity problems
The Washington Post
A big problem exposed by a massive data breach at the Office of Personal Management is the woeful state of the federal government's cybersecurity. It's not comforting when the Obama administration's chief information officer says Uncle Sam's information technology needs bubble wrap and Band-Aids to help counter cyberattacks.More

Local University of Texas at Dallas student creates life-saving technology
Star Local Media
Summer heat can pose serious threats to residents' health, yet one group is sometimes forgotten, a mistake that can lead to tragedy. Parents and caregivers, caught up in the chaos of daily life, sometimes leave children or pets in their car as they go about their day. More

3 DFW schools among 9 Texas universities named best in the world
Dallas Business Journal
Three DFW schools are among nine Texas universities ranked in the top 200 universities in the world, according to the 2015 Center for World University Rankings report.More

New approach to Internet of Things security addresses merger of IT and OT
Network World
The concept of the industrial Internet of Things is still a bit of an enigma for most organizations, but it is certainly of high interest. More

Weaver adds IT advisory service
Accouting Today
Southwest accounting firm Weaver launched a new IT advisory service to provide computer network security assessments performed by a Certified Ethical Hacker.More

Self-charging phones are on the way, finally
MIT Technology Review
The case that Will Zell slides onto his iPhone doesn't look that unusual, but it's doing something pretty out of the ordinary: capturing some of the radio waves that the phone transmits when connecting to cell-phone towers and Wi-Fi routers, converting them to electricity, and feeding that power back to the phone's battery.More

Ensuring IT project success
Two simple questions can help keep IT projects on track by spotting issues and addressing them early on.More

Cloud, function and flexibility: The big data strategy powering social media campaigns
Social media fascinates and confuses many corporations. You can't blame them. On one hand it's an opportunity to listen to their customers and drive deeper engagement. On the other hand, the wrong social media campaign could see an organization fall flat on its face. In expensive or embarrassing ways. More

9 reasons Flash must die, and soon
Alas, poor Flash. The trajectory from cool innovation to Web must-have, to reviled technology was dramatic, but there's no doubt that the time has come: Flash has to go.More