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Jul. 31, 2013

IT careers: 8 steps toward new business roles
Moving from a traditional IT role to a more business-focused role has challenges. Consider this advice for a successful transition.More

The Gen Y Guy, casino night highlight Tech Titans gala
It's a night like no other to celebrate innovation in the North Texas high-tech community. Will you be celebrating with the rest of the high-tech industry or checking Facebook and Twitter the next morning to see what you missed? Reserve your seat or table today for the 13th Annual Tech Titans gala to be held Aug. 23 at the InterContinental Dallas Hotel. The event is sponsored by Ericsson.More

Tech Titans: Where are they now? Image Vision CEO Stephen White
Big things have been happening for Image Vision CEO Stephen White and his company since White received the Tech Titan award for Emerging Company CEO in 2012. In November, Image Vision was recognized as a mobile Tech Trailblazers award finalist. In March, it was awarded a Startup America Award by Startup Texas and Startup America. White also participated, by invitation, on the Technology Trends in Online Safety panel at the Family Online Safety Institute 2012 Annual Conference. White has made it his goal in life to end sexting and cyberbullying.More

Where are all the women tech entrepreneurs?
At Frida Polli's one-year business school reunion back in May, she pitched at the startup showcase. Of the 20 pitches, three were women founders. This is not a new situation. At entrepreneur events, Polli, co-founder and CEO of Pymetrics, is frequently one of a handful of women. Her first incubator was 85 percent males. Again and again, these numbers make her think: Where are all the women?More

Unsatisfied techies? Fortune 500 tech companies with the most turnover
Silicon Valley Business Journal
Sure, tech companies offer some crazy perks — yes, Google with its nap pods and on-demand electric cars — but even that doesn't mean employees always stick around for the long haul. A new survey analysis by online compensation information company Payscale ranked the Fortune 500 by median wages and length of employee tenure. More

Tech accelerator looks forward to extra financial support from SBA
Dallas Business Journal
A Dallas-based technology accelerator program is hoping the nation's first Accelerator Demo Day will evolve into a support system that will help the group fund North Texas startups. The Small Business Administration and the Global Accelerator Network jointly hosted the demo day in Washington, D.C., to support high-growth entrepreneurship across the nation. Dallas-based Tech Wildcatters and Austin-based Capital Factory were among 16 accelerators invited to the event.More

New fastest-possible electrical switch could herald speedy computing devices
Science World Report
Want a fast switch? Use magnetite. Scientists have clocked the fastest-possible electrical switching in the naturally magnetic mineral. The findings could have huge implications for driving innovations in the tiny transistors that control the flow of electricity across silicon chips. This could lead to faster and more powerful computing devices.More

Researchers convert cement into an electrical conductor
University of Alicante via R&D Magazine
Researchers at the University of Alicante has developed a cementitious material incorporating carbon nanofibers in composition, turning cement into an excellent conductor of electricity capable of performing functions beyond its usual structural function.More

The 21st-century gold rush: Mining big data
Among the hottest trends today is a relentless drive by business for more and better information to inform and steer competitive growth strategies. The growing consensus is that information is like gold, and if information is gold, data is like the raw ore from which that information is distilled.More

12 predictive analytics screw-ups
Whether you're new to predictive analytics or have a few projects under your belt, it's all too easy to make gaffes. "The vast majority of analytic projects are riddled with mistakes," says John Elder, CEO at data mining firm Elder Research. Most of those aren't fatal — almost every model can be improved — but many projects fail miserably nonetheless, leaving the business with a costly investment in software and time, and nothing to show for it.More

Infographic: The viability of big data
SmartData Collective
The three V's — velocity, volume and variety — are known for most of the visitors on this platform to describe big data. However, sometimes also the value is mentioned or in this case the V of viability. The infographic describes viability as carefully selecting those attributes in the data that are most likely to predict outcomes that matter most to organizations. More

IT careers: 8 steps toward new business roles
Moving from a traditional IT role to a more business-focused role has challenges. Consider this advice for a successful transition.More

Tech road map: Immigration 1st, then NSA and cybersecurity
The gestation period of tech legislation in Washington, D.C., may hit an inflection point this summer as immigration reform, cybersecurity and — in the wake of the National Security Agency surveillance program revelations — online privacy take center stage.More

The amazing, surprising demographic future of the Earth, in 9 charts
The Washington Post
The United Nations Population Division, which tracks demographic data from around the world, has dramatically revised its projections for what will happen in the next 90 years.More

Samsung to invest heavily in chip, panel businesses
Dallas Business Journal
Trying to stem the effects of slowing demand for high-end mobile devices, Samsung Electronics Co. plans to invest $18 billion in its memory-chip and display businesses this year.More

Cisco and Sourcefire: A potential game changer for Cisco and the cybersecurity industry
Network World
By grabbing Sourcefire, Cisco management was in effect admitting that information security needed to be a much bigger part of its overall strategy and that it couldn't achieve this goal in a timely manner with its existing portfolio of security products. This acquisition proves that John Chambers is willing to put Cisco's money where his mouth is. For a network hardware company, this decision took a lot of guts.More

How the NSA scandal is hurting cloud computing
Associations Now
The news that the National Security Agency has been collecting and storing data about the Internet usage of a vast number of Americans has raised eyebrows for many observers — though the practice has defenders who cite homeland security. But according to the Cloud Security Alliance, a trade group that represents the interests of the cloud computing industry, the revelations have had a chilling effect on the industry as a whole.More

79 percent of CIOs are concerned about hidden costs of cloud computing
Cloud Times
Cloud computing has gained leverage over the last decade as businesses are compelled to migrate to this new platform. Virtualization has capitalized on cost efficiency as its main strength for any industry. However, recent revelations has uncovered that there may be hidden costs that cloud providers are not showing.More