Tech Insights
Aug. 26, 2015

MTBC prioritizes member interests, changes name to Tech Titans
Tech Titans
The Metroplex Technology Business Council, the go-to tech organization in North Texas for more than 20 years, has a noteworthy characteristic — an acronym for a name that ranks in the tongue-twister category and challenges the memory of its genius members. To better represent its more contemporary audience base and the true leadership held by the North Texas tech community, this voice of innovation embraced its new, though familiar, organization name at its 15th Annual Tech Titans Gala Aug. 21. The organization will now be known as: Tech Titans, The Technology Association for North Texas.More

Winners of Tech Titans awards announced
Tech Titans
Tech Titans, The Technology Association for North Texas, recognized outstanding technology companies and individuals in the North Texas area who have made significant contributions to their industries at its annual awards gala. During the gala, the organization announced their name change to Tech Titans from the Metroplex Technology Business Council.More

Dallas university team develops sign language recognition system using TI parts, partly TI funded
The Dallas Morning News
A team of Dallas researchers has developed a wearable American Sign Language Recognition system to detect gestures in real-time that looks like something from a sci-fi movie.More

Which is the best Internet of Things platform?
Are the Internet of Things and the smart home set for a decadelong format war? Rapidly being talked-up as a pillar of the Internet of Things, home automation now dominates the horizon, with device manufacturers itching to link everything together in whole-house control systems. However, thanks to the lack of a common platform, the smart home as a joined-up seamless entity is being delayed. More

Does your company need a chief data officer?
Companies with strong revenue growth are more likely to have a chief data officer than organizations with less impressive financial performance.More

This technology monitors our cellphones to calculate wait times at airports
Drew Olanoff writes: "There are plenty of things that I don't like. One of them is waiting. For just about anything. I'm not alone. The airport is one of those places where hours upon hours can disappear ... just while waiting."More

ZTE USA opens Americas training facility in Telecom Corridor
Dallas Business Journal
ZTE USA has opened a new training center in the Telecom Corridor in Richardson to serve as a central location for its North and South American customers.More

Next-gen cybersecurity is all about behavior recognition
In the wake of devastating personal information leaks, like Target's back in 2014 affecting more than 70 million customers and the more recent Ashley Madison data breach, concerns over cybersecurity are at an all-time high.More

Building apps without code: 7 options for your enterprise
Application building no longer means learning to code. Here are seven products and services that can help you develop apps without developing programming skills.More

FarmTech: Drones above, robots below
EE Times
Twenty-four hour farming, autonomous tractors and driverless combines are no longer the stuff of agro-science fiction. Agriculture today is moving toward all these innovations.More

Tips for conducting reference checks on job applicants
Dallas Business Journal
Verifying the information provided by job applicants can help not only ensure that you are hiring trustworthy and honest employees, but also confirm that they have the credentials to hit the ground running when they join your team.More