Tech Insights
Oct. 22, 2014

Study: App-to-person SMS is on the rise
RCR Wireless
If you've used text messages from Facebook or Google to authenticate your account information, you've used application-to-person messaging — and a recent survey from Mobilesquared shows that such usage is on the rise, even as traditional text messaging use declines in favor of over-the-top applications.More

84 percent of enterprises see big data analytics changing their industries' competitive landscapes in the next year
Eighty-seven percent of enterprises believe big data analytics will redefine the competitive landscape of their industries within the next three years. Eighty-nine percent believe that companies that do not adopt a big data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum. More

Miscommunication as a cybersecurity threat
The Wall Street Journal
Corporate cybersecurity chiefs are well prepared for confrontations with hackers. But Jay Leek, Blackstone Group LP's chief information security officer, has a warning for his counterparts about how they handle a different kind of encounter: Be less nerdy when talking to the board. More

Are we ready for the rise of social robots?
BBC News
Social robots are coming, but will we enjoy their company? Chris Baraniuk explains why it might not always be easy to adjust to our new companions and how it'll change us. More

How technology is creating new sources of power
Power has always been easier to recognize than to define. To many, it is simply the ability to get what you want, either through coercion or persuasion. Although that may be accurate, it isn't very helpful, so strategists have long sought to come up with more operative definitions. More

Tiny toys that make the Internet of Things as easy as Lego
Parents who want their kids to learn how to code have access to a plethora of options ranging from plywood programming tools to full classroom replacements, but a new system called SAM offers a compelling, bite-sized solution. SAM is a series of postage stamp-sized sensors and actuators that combine hardware and software with Internet connectivity and promise access to the Internet of Things with no circuit design or coding experience required. More

Sesame Workshop tackles literacy with technology
The New York Times
Elmo and his Sesame Street buddies could soon be having two-way conversations of sorts with children. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit producer of "Sesame Street," and the children's speech recognition company ToyTalk plan to announce they have signed a two-year research partnership agreement to explore how to use conversational technology to teach preschool literacy. More

Cloud ROI: 6 takeaways to consider
From cloud brokering to talent management, these conclusions will keep cloud decisions focused on business needs. More

Building cloud computing skills
To succeed in the cloud computing era, IT pros need a wide array of skills. Cloud certifications are one way to acquire these skills, but you also must learn to think like a cloud architect. More

Internet of Things will turn networks inside-out
If the Internet of Things is ever going to work, networks will have to grant access to devices that we'd refuse outright today.More

How Google handles IT for its workers
The Wall Street Journal
Many chief information officers find themselves in the role of technology evangelist, raising awareness of the value of information technology among skeptical leaders at the executive and board level. But what if you work at Google Inc. and your CEO is Google co-founder Larry Page? It's no surprise that Google CIO Ben Fried's experience is probably a lot different than that of most of his peers. More

Promoting employees based on seniority will destroy your company
Some companies grow at such a rapid rate that promotions seem like a daily occurrence. If that's the case for your company, you might be tempted to start promoting based on seniority instead of performance in order to streamline the process. Bad idea. Promoting based solely on seniority is not just an imperfect solution — it's a terrible solution. More