Tech Insights
Nov. 5, 2014

3 challenges to designing a voice interface
Today we're using our voice to engage with our smartphones and cars, and in the not-so-distant future, voice interfaces will extend to other areas of our lives, perhaps even to our favorite appliances as part of a more intelligent connected home. Your kitchen, for example, could become a voice-enabled control center of sorts for the entire house. More

The potential of beacon technology
After indoor positioning with Wi-Fi, beacon technology is a massive step forward in ambient context identification, which is why this technology is all the buzz of late. Beacons allow for background positioning and detection, giving new power to a phone that can make it truly smart. More

'Interstellar' director Nolan talks about his robots
The Detroit News
In his secrecy-shrouded sci-fi extravaganza "Interstellar," filmmaker Christopher Nolan isn't just taking audiences to outer space. He's also sending a couple of robots along for the ride — and they're just not on board to sweep the floors. More

10 cool security tools open-sourced by the Internet's biggest innovators
As today's Internet giants break the barrier for speed and scale of development of systems, their teams are increasingly tasked with building home-brewed security systems that can help them develop and manage their systems securely without missing a beat. In the end, the entire security community is benefiting from a lot of these investments, as many of these firms make these tools available through open-source projects. Over the past few years, some very useful tools have come from the security and engineering teams at Facebook, Twitter, Google, Netflix, Etsy and even AOL. More

Preparing for a data breach: Think 'stop, drop and roll'
When there's a fire, most of us know what to do. We have practiced for decades — at school, home and work — because if we immediately know how to respond, we can significantly minimize the damage. What about a data breach? How should businesses respond? From what we have seen, after conducting hundreds of post breach forensic investigations every year, many businesses do not know how to respond, leaving ample time for an attacker to move throughout their infrastructure stealing data. More

3 companies that transformed their businesses using cloud computing
What do an insurance company, grocery chain and educational service have in common? This may sound like the opening question to a riddle, but the answer is serious business. They're all using the cloud. More

Apple Pay, bitcoin and the digital battle for your wallet
Jordan Bettman, principal at Bain Capital Ventures, discusses the rapid evolution of mobile payments and how Apple Pay and bitcoin put the current financial industry at risk. He speaks with Erik Schatzker from the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas on "Market Makers." More

STEM education: 7 awesome ways to get girls excited, from apps to clubs to cool websites
Cool Mom Tech
Julie Marsh, a mom of three and a project manager, writes: "I feel pretty lucky to have a couple of daughters who dig STEM — that's science, technology, engineering and math, in case you've seen the acronym floating around. While there are so many exciting developments in the last few years designed to get girls eager to explore STEM education and all its facets, it's still a lopsided field; check out even the most progressive schools' robotics or science clubs and you might be surprised how imbalanced the boy-girl ratio is. Hey, we need you girls! You're our future!" More

The IT talent shortage debate
Tech employers say good people are hard to find. Job hunters see a broken hiring process. Both sides need to shake their frustration and find new ways to connect. More

How to come up with your best ideas yet
With so much emphasis being placed on new technology, it's easy to forget about the one thing that got you where you are today — and Cris Burnam, founder of StorageMart, is not talking about your innovation, willpower or proven track record. He is talking about your brain. Your ability to think on your feet and make informed decisions has helped you become a true expert in your field. But as you move up the corporate ladder, you can become further and further removed from the heart of your business — so much so that it can affect the way you think about it. More