Tech Insights
Nov. 13, 2013

Smartphone sales poised for rapid growth
The total number of devices subscribed to mobile networks will reach 9.3 billion by 2019, according to Ericsson, of which 5.6 billion will be smartphones. That means more than 6 out of every 10 devices connected to wireless broadband networks will be smart devices with an operating system such as Android, iOS or Windows Phone.More

Welcome new and renewing members
Thank you to the MTBC members who either joined or renewed their memberships during the third quarter of 2013. Our members are the lifeline of our organization and serve to make us stronger and more successful. We hope you will join us in welcoming these new members, doing business with them and referring others members to the MTBC.More

Technology region of France partners with North Texas tech
A partnership that will help develop trade and foreign direct investment between two technology regions — Provence and the Telecom Corridor — has been developed. Both regions agreed to help promote their local companies and business ecosystems to each other's regions to foster new business and economic development. The regions have similar industry sectors in telecommunications, wireless, semiconductor, software, ICT, RFID and computer gaming/animation.More

2013 Tech Titans/Fast Tech No. 6 Bottle Rocket Apps acquired
Dallas Business Journal
Bottle Rocket, a Dallas startup that specializes in customized mobile application development, has been acquired by London-based advertising and marketing company WPP, the company announced.More

Cool or creepy? The ethics of big data is on the table
A few years ago, Kord Davis found himself in meeting after meeting with technologists and product marketers who were — without exactly knowing it — discussing the ethics of big data. The meetings went something like this: The technologists would introduce new stuff they could do with data; one product marketer would call it cool and another would call it creepy.More

How big data can make the Internet safer
USA Today
The growing sophistication of computer malware, especially its ability to morph and assume different forms, is making traditional approaches to security irrelevant. With massive amounts of data and traffic flowing in and out of enterprise networks it is no longer possible to prevent cyberattacks using signature-based security tools.More

Facebook tops itself with an even faster tool for querying big data in Hadoop
Just when big-data vendors got used to Hive, the Facebook-created open-source tool for querying big-data sets on Hadoop, here comes an even faster alternative.More

Your pee could power future robots
LiveScience via Fox News
There's a new use for artificial hearts, and it involves a more taboo bodily fluid than blood. A device that mimics the squeezing action of the human heart has been used to pump urine into a microbial fuel cell, which could power robots that convert the waste into electricity.More

Wal-Mart could own the retail 3-D printing business by 2020
One of the big benefits of 3-D printing is that it allows you to manufacture as close as possible to the point of need. Proximity matters, and not everyone will print everything at home. Retailers with brick-and-mortar locations have a new advantage. Wal-Mart is the world's largest and has over 11,000 stores worldwide. They're the big dog. While many specialty retailers could sell a line of 3-D printed products in their niche category, Wal-Mart could sell all of them — at a colossal scale. More

2013 Tech Titans/Fast Tech No. 6 Bottle Rocket Apps acquired
Dallas Business Journal
Bottle Rocket, a Dallas startup that specializes in customized mobile application development, has been acquired by London-based advertising and marketing company WPP, the company announced.More

Dallas top city for smartphone, tablet use
If you had to guess which city has the highest adoption rate of smartphones, would Dallas have been your pick? According to Soasta, 76 percent of Dallas respondents own a smartphone.More

The danger of cybersecurity 'ghettos'
Ghettos are not good, whether they are at the local, state or national level. They tend to breed unrest, dysfunction and crime that can extend well beyond their borders, undermining the health of an entire society.More

The latest tools for teaching STEM: Video games
U.S. News & World Report
Video games often get a bad rap as a time-sucking tool of procrastination, but users' fascination with this form of entertainment can be harnessed for learning, particularly when it comes to the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. No, playing "Candy Crush" and "Angry Birds" didn't just become the equivalent of doing homework, but a rapidly growing industry of educators, developers and innovators have produced a raft of ways to learn through gaming.More

What 'Star Wars' teaches us about technology
"Star Wars" obviously permeates with technology. You see it manifested in the drones, droids, force fields, holograms, tractor beams, fighter jets and lasers. Everybody is tracking everybody else with intergalactic navigation systems. The flakiness of the hyperdrive housed in Han Solo's old-school, forever-under-repair Millenium Falcon is a critical plot point in "The Empire Strikes Back." Yet, "Star Wars" and its sequels have a distinct anti-technology slant.More

When will cybersecurity become a major campaign issue?
The Washington Post
The number of confirmed cyberattacks reported by federal agencies has skyrocketed over the past six years, from 5,503 in 2006 to 48,562 in 2012. The U.S. Defense Department claims there are 10 million attempted cyberintrusion attempts made against it every single day, as does the National Nuclear Security Administration. The Chinese have hacked the Romney campaign and the Syrians have hacked the Obama campaign. Just about everybody agrees that the cyberthreat is going to get worse before it gets better.More

100 best websites for entrepreneurs
Forbes editors searched high and low to bring you the first annual list of Forbes 100 Best Websites For Entrepreneurs. Whether you're seeking advice on raising capital, scaling your business or looking for general industry insight, these sites are worth reading.More