Tech Insights
Nov. 20, 2013

Machine-to-machine communication: Finding M2M solutions
The machine-to-machine applications market needs a way to communicate, and the communications sector is busy finding different ways to help it. Networked wireless communications: The M2M applications world is gagging for it. There are plenty of communications options in existence, of course; but are they suitable for connecting the wonderful world of cyberphysical systems?More

Why the UT Dallas ATEC building is important
MTBC President and CEO Bill Sproull gives an onsite update about the importance of the newly dedicated ATEC building and its programs to North Texas. More

Why some startups are choosing DFW over California
Dallas Business Journal
When entrepreneurs think of high-tech startup communities, they think of Silicon Valley, Calif., home of some of the largest and most-well known tech companies in the nation, right? It turns out — not necessarily. As competition rages in California markets, some entrepreneurs are finding that they may just have a better chance launching in Texas than in the Golden State.More

TECNA national survey released: Talent shortage may impede new hiring by technology companies
This second annual survey by TECNA, a nonprofit trade association of regional technology organizations which serves as a leading voice in growing the North American technology economy, provides current and future technology trends locally, regionally and nationally. The survey was conducted in partnership with CompTIA, the nonprofit association for the IT industry.More

10 cool DARPA projects in development
The experimental projects of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's often bring to mind the technology found in some sci-fi movies: robots, brain chips, self-patching defense systems. But DARPA's projects also point to some of the current real-world challenges the agency is trying to help solve. More

How social robotics is revolutionizing therapy for autistic children
MIT Technology Review
Social robots are simpler to interact with than humans, can repeat games with infinite patience and record the data for further study. That's changing the way autistic children learn new skills, say therapists. More

The race to extend ban on undetectable 3-D printed guns
The Associated Press via The Huffington Post
Undetectable guns have been banned by law. However, that federal law is about to expire — just as 3-D printing technology advances. Sen. Chuck Schumer has stated that he is seeking an extension before the Dec. 9 expiration date.More

FBI blames federal hacks on Anonymous campaign
Attackers with ties to Anonymous have waged a yearlong hacking campaign that's successfully exploited numerous U.S. government systems. So read an FBI memo, which said that the group of attackers gained access to government systems via SQL injection attacks, as well as by exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated versions of the website development platform Adobe ColdFusion, Reuters first reported.More

Authentication and mobile phones are password killers
It is arguably the Internet's most common problem: how to simplify authentication. The much-abused password is still the most prevalent way we identify ourselves — via mobile devices and otherwise. But, it's definitely showing its age.More

Samsung's smartwatch sales beat expectations
Dallas Business Journal
Samsung Electronics Co. said that sales of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch have been better than expected, reaching 800,000 in its first two months.More

Dallas top city for smartphone, tablet use
If you had to guess which city has the highest adoption rate of smartphones, would Dallas have been your pick? According to Soasta, 76 percent of Dallas respondents own a smartphone.More

Smartphone sales poised for rapid growth
The total number of devices subscribed to mobile networks will reach 9.3 billion by 2019, according to Ericsson, of which 5.6 billion will be smartphones.More

The Internet of Things, stalk by stalk
The Internet of Things will enable profound improvements in productivity. To see it in action, let’s use a farmer and food production as an example.More

STEM education, business schools need to be joined at hip
Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is en vogue as the U.S. government and plenty of executives are bemoaning the lack of talent and worrying about this country's competitive edge. Meanwhile, business schools continue to churn out those students who become auditors, accountants and investment bankers. These two educational institutions have existed as silos for decades. But that education as usual practice needs to end in a hurry.More

Samsung's smartwatch sales beat expectations
Dallas Business Journal
Samsung Electronics Co. said that sales of its Galaxy Gear smartwatch have been better than expected, reaching 800,000 in its first two months.More

Is the technology skills gap fact or fiction?
In Part 1 of his three-part series, publisher emeritus Gary Beach examines a question that's stumping job seekers, employers and economists — does a skills gap exist in the United States in general and in the IT market in particular? More

9 ways to win employee trust
If your employees trust you, they'll go the proverbial extra mile, but if they don't, they'll slack off, according to a recent survey by The Forum Corporation. Therefore, building trust is the best way to get the most from your employees. More