Tech Insights
Nov. 26, 2014

The 3 trends driving digital business
It won't be long before a contact lens can measure your blood sugar, instantly alerting you through a smart device to pay attention and adjust your diet, or consider complex industrial turbines that can predict a failed bearing before it happens. These devices become part of a "virtuous circle of smart things," where falling costs inspire increased connectivity, leading to greater functionality, growing diversity and then, rising ubiquity in the volume of smart things. More

Hear the sound of the 1st comet landing
Open up that junk drawer in your house and rustle through it for a second. That rustling, clunking sound is pretty close to what it sounds like to land on a comet 300 million miles from Earth. When the Philae lander touched the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko for the first time, the Cometary Acoustic Surface Sounding Experiment sensors located on the bottom of its three legs picked up the short thud. More

UT Arlington to lead $1.6 million digital learning research project
Fort Worth Business Press
A lab at the University of Texas at Arlington has been chosen to lead a $1.6 million digital learning research project. The Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Lab at UT Arlington will lead the initiative to connect and support researchers across the country as they examine digital learning's effect on higher education today and in the future. More

Net neutrality: Too much spin, not enough facts
The latest spate of arguments around net neutrality reveals that the blind partisanship and BS bias are escalating. The comic strip site The Oatmeal saying that net neutrality is about "freedom" is just as mindless as the infamous tweet by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, comparing net neutrality to Obamacare. More

New encryption technology hits nerve with DOJ
Fox News
The latest technology used by Apple and Google to meet consumers' demands on securing private data is hitting a nerve with the Department of Justice. In a meeting with Apple executives, the No. 2 official at the Justice Department said the company's new encryption technology that locks out law enforcement would lead to a tragedy, The Wall Street Journal reported. A child would die and the police would not be able to search the suspect's phone, the official allegedly said. More

Ericsson partners with IBM to create tiny antennas
RCR Wireless News
Standards for 5G are still undefined, but the companies involved in 5G research and standardization are already creating tools for next-generation networks. Ericsson recently said it is collaborating with IBM to design phased-array antennas for 5G networks. More

Apple Pay is another success story — but competition is coming
By Danielle Wegert
Apple Pay recently introduced the world to a new form of payment and security. Apple Pay uses near-field communication technology and allows users to make a payment using their smartphone and fingerprint. This technology does not send card information, though. Instead, it sends a one-time code to be used for a single transaction. When it first launched, there were many questions and concerns. However, Apple Pay is still in stores and banks are still supporting the technology. So far, so good. But now there is a possible competitor: CurrentC. More

Mark Cuban says Mavericks, AAC about to deploy innovative video technology that will 'make watching a game crazy'
The Dallas Morning News
Owner Mark Cuban and by extension his Mavericks are about to score another NBA technology first. Cuban said that company in which he has invested — freeD — has completed six weeks of installing high-resolution cameras in the American Airlines Center rafters and will begin testing a revolutionary product when the Mavericks host the Lakers. More

Meet Regin, the sophisticated malware that spies on telco networks
One of the most sophisticated digital spying tools known to the security field is suddenly in the spotlight today. Known as Regin, the back-door Trojan has stolen information from telelcoms, airlines, energy companies and private individuals and is a groundbreaking form malware, according to security firm Symantec, which has published a new report on Regin. More

8 hottest jobs in the oil and gas industry
Denver Business Journal
The nation's oil and gas industry is booming, in Colorado and elsewhere, making experienced professionals with engineering degrees precious commodities, according to Rigzone, a Houston-based online information service for the industry. More

Experts call for secure sensors
EE Times
Sensor nodes are the most vulnerable point of attack in an Internet of Things ecosystem, so securing the trillions of sensors industry experts expect is of the utmost concern. More

How a race for female tech talent might narrow the industry's gender pay gap
The Washington Post
In report after report, companies like Apple, Google and Facebook all acknowledge that their workforces tilt heavily male. Silicon Valley companies are notoriously dominated by men, particularly in leadership roles and in jobs involving advanced technical skills. Men account for 7 in 10 workers at Twitter, for example. More