Tech Insights
Dec. 10, 2014

MTBC approves 2015 Legislative Agenda
The MTBC is dedicated to furthering the legislative goals of our membership. The goal is to produce pro-business results by working with the policy process and holding legislators accountable at the state and local level. Based on member input about the needs of their companies and the tech industry as a whole, the MTBC has crafted and adopted a legislative agenda, which will be our organization's focus during the 2015 Texas legislative session. More

Holiday gift guide 2015: What techies want
Shopping for a techie can be nerve-wracking. Who hasn't gotten "the look" and later found that digital picture frame dumped in the junk drawer? Never again. More

The cybersecurity skills gap
SC Magazine
The information security profession, which evolved largely in reaction to threats, is now paying the price of an entire "missing generation." Companies are challenged finding pros with the combination of business and technical savvy that is needed to combat growing threats. Compounding this problem, educational institutions are not graduating enough students with the necessary skills or experience for entry-level positions. More

How cloud computing imperfections work with real businesses
However perfectly we build the new world of cloud computing, we will never be totally up in the air in an on-demand only world. This is not due to any actual or inherent imperfections in the cloud computing firmament as such, it is more a case of how business realities drive technology usage at both the end user and the developer level. The reasons are straightforward. More

For better or worse, Sony and are redefining the future of wearable tech
Ever since the spy-themed movies and television of the Cold War Era introduced us to the possibilities of watch-based video communication, we have dreamed of the possibilities of wearable gadgetry. Unfortunately, for the longest time, the technology just wasn't up to the task. We wanted personal computers that could fit into a piece of jewelry, but all we got were calculator watches. However, recent advances in smart technology systems have finally made it so that new, highly advanced wearable devices are becoming a reality. More

IDC: Top 10 technology predictions for 2015
IDC issued today its top 10 predictions for 2015. In a webcast and accompanying report, IDC's Frank Gens advised companies in all industries to "Amazon" themselves, but also predicted that the best job of "Amazoning" will be done by Amazon itself. More

Dallas/Fort Worth CIOs reveal hiring plans for 1st half of 2015
PR Newswire
The just-released "Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report" for Dallas shows that 27 percent of Dallas-area chief information officers surveyed recently plan to expand their IT teams in the first half of 2015. This is up 17 points compared to projections from the previous six-month period. Another 61 percent plan to hire only for open IT roles, 7 percent plan to put hiring plans on hold, and 4 percent expect to reduce their IT staff in the first half of the year. More

Technology is the secret to happy employees
Information Age
One out of four employees globally say they would consider taking a new position if provided better technology that helps them be more productive — this is according to the latest Global Evolving Workforce Study by Dell and Intel, which quizzed over 5,000 employees of small, medium and large organizations in 12 countries. More

5 leadership hacks that will supercharge your company's growth
It isn't difficult to see why some CEOs struggle with personal growth — especially when it comes to developing their leadership skills. After all, they launched a successful business — or rose to the top of an existing one — which can lead to some pretty glaring blind spots when it comes to their own shortcomings. But even if you think there's not much room for improvement, there's always room for more success. More

8 ways to improve diversity in STEM
If the effort to get more underrepresented minority students in STEM fields is like a chemistry experiment, a new study suggests that the formula isn’t yet complete. More

5 reasons IT projects fail
While mistakes are inevitable, nothing shakes the foundation of an IT department faster or causes executive confidence to wane quicker than a major project failure. There are numerous reasons why IT projects fail, from inadequate preparation to stretching the boundaries beyond what staffing resources can absorb. More

6 ways to define your Internet of Things strategy
By 2020, an estimated 50 billion devices around the globe will be connected to the Internet. Perhaps a third of them will be computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs. The remaining two-thirds will be other kinds of "things": sensors, actuators, and newly invented intelligent devices that monitor, control, analyze and optimize our world. More