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Jul. 3, 2014

NABE's 44th Annual Conference
March 5th-7th, 2015
Bally's Las Vegas Convention Center

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17th Annual Dual Language Symposium
International Educational Consultants
Register now! Join us at the Gran Meliá Resort in Río Grande, Puerto Rico. Registration opened on April 15 and closes on June 30. Space is limited.More

Teaching writing to ELLs across the curriculum: Strategies for success
By: Erick Herrmann
Reading, writing, listening and speaking. Educators know the importance of these essential skills for student success, and a brief review of instructional standards will show an emphasis on these four skills. Traditionally, the instruction on reading and writing skills has been relegated to language arts classes and teachers. In more recent times, however, the importance of writing the content areas has been emphasized, as a means to help students think deeply about a topic and demonstrate their knowledge. More

Cutting to the Common Core: The key to English standards
Language Magazine
What is the most important standard among California's English language arts and English language development standards? Sound arguments can be posited for many different standards. This article builds a case that contributing to collaborative discussions — the first ELD standard and first speaking-and-listening ELA standard — as a pair of linked ELD-ELA standards is the most important. Figure 1 presents these two linked standards for fifth grade in the format of an excerpt from a digital resource for teachers (Carr, 2014). Rigor of requisite skills appropriately and slightly decreases moving down to kindergarten and increases moving up to grades 11-12.More

The secrets of children's chatter: research shows boys and girls learn language differently
Newcastle University via Science Daily
Experts believe language uses both a mental dictionary and a mental grammar. The mental "dictionary" stores sounds, words and common phrases, while mental "grammar" involves the real-time composition of longer words and sentences. For example, making a longer word "walked" from a smaller one "walk."More

ELL accountability could complicate Florida's bid for waiver extension
Education Week
Two years and two education commissioners ago, many Florida school superintendents and advocates for English language learners pushed back hard against changes to the state's accountability system that were at the heart of the waiver the state had received from portions of the No Child Left Behind Act. Chiefly, district leaders and advocates were upset that the performance of English language learners on state tests in math and reading would be factored into schools' accountability after such students had only had one year of instruction.More

Cutting to the Common Core: The key to English standards
Language Magazine
What is the most important standard among California's English language arts and English language development standards? Sound arguments can be posited for many different standards.More

Retirees help international students with English
The Associated Press via Zanesville Times Recorder
International students at a southwest Ohio college are getting help with conversational English from retirees. A Wright State University initiative called Conversation Partners matches retired faculty, staff and spouses with students seeking extra practice to improve their English.More

Camp helps Arkansas students practice bilingual skills
Northwest Arkansas Times
Thirty-two students in the Springdale School District of Arkansas are attending the Sin Limites camp at J.O. Kelly Middle School, said Cassandra Satterfield, a camp volunteer.More

States are recognizing and rewarding students who have bilingual skills
The Associated Press via Fox News Latino
When Rachel Martinez-Regan graduated from her high school in western Oregon state, her diploma had a little something extra — an embossed seal certifying that she is bilingual. She is one of more than a dozen students at Corvallis High School who earned the distinction based on their proficiency in English and Spanish. The honor is part of a pilot project led by several school districts in the state with dual-language programs, and the Oregon Department of Education plans to make the bilingual seals available statewide next year.More

School overcomes obstacles with the language of learning
The Tampa Tribune
When they started their lives as elementary school students in the U.S., they were no different from any of the other kids at Bellamy Elementary School in Florida. It was a whole new world, one with challenges and new experiences. But, at Bellamy, many of the incoming students don't speak a word of English. All Hillsborough County public schools have non-English-speaking kids enter every year, but Bellamy is a little different. The school has students, parents and staff from 37 different countries and they can speak about 19 different languages. The kids who enter Bellamy without much command of the English language might be scared, but it's a challenge that ESOL Resources Director Monica Roehm understands.More

Real equality in education remains elusive
This year the nation will commemorate two historic actions taken to protect equal rights: the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education — the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that abolished state-sponsored segregation in public education — and the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. We are left with an important question: Has the promise of Brown and the Civil Rights Act been fulfilled?More

English language students learn the ABCs of success
Roslindale Transcript
Imagine moving to a new home more than 1,600 miles away from where you grew up, and you didn't speak the language. Now imagine you're only 10. In 2013, young siblings Edward and Edwenly Baez faced this exact challenge when they moved from the Dominican Republic to live with their mother Leidy in Roslindale. She came to the U.S. on a green card in 2010 and works at Watertown's Strawberry Childcare as a preschool teacher.More

Why is bilingual education better?
Fox News Latino
The state of Texas is currently under fire for not providing a quality education to students learning English, particularly at the middle and high school levels. LULAC is suing the state for failing to teach academic content and English to the 17 percent of public schools students who are labeled as English learners. This begs the questions, what is the best approach to teaching English learners who need to acquire grade level content knowledge and English language skills?More

US schools gear up for surge of young immigrants
Education Week
As the federal government scrambles to respond to an unprecedented surge of unaccompanied minors streaming across the U.S.-Mexico border, the wave of young immigrants arriving alone from Central America has already begun to surface in communities and public schools far from the Southwest. In Miami, a nonprofit agency that provides legal services to unaccompanied minors has served 1,600 such children since the beginning of the calendar year, the same number it served in all of 2013.More