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Jul. 17, 2014

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International students flock to US high schools
USA Today
Tens of thousands of students from foreign countries are enrolling in U.S. high schools, in most cases as a first step toward applying to U.S. colleges and universities, a study out Tuesday says. Most are from China. Last year, more than 73,000 international students enrolled in U.S. high schools, federal data show. About two thirds, nearly 49,000, received visas enabling them to pursue a U.S. high school diploma. That's more than triple the number since 2004, when just under 16,000 foreign students held such visas, says the study by the Institute of International Education, a nonprofit organization.More

LA Unified to add more dual language immersion programs
LA School Report
The LA Unified school district plans to expand its dual language immersion program next fall, adding Spanish language programs to three elementary schools in the district. According to LAUSD officials, that brings the total number of dual language programs offered by the district to 57, including 43 in Spanish, 10 in Korean and four in Mandarin.More

Bilingual story time promotes early language learning
Midland Reporter-Telegram
The familiar tune of the childhood classic "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" could be heard wafting from the children's area at Centennial library. But what may not have been familiar to some library patrons were the lyrics, which were sung in Spanish by about a dozen children. Tesoro Bilingual Playgroup Spanish Story Time was in full swing. Each session includes two songs, two stories, parachute play time and a craft.More

Study: Gaming kids better at English
The Local
A new Swedish study revealed that children aged 10-11 who play computer games are better at English than their peers, with researchers saying they were "very surprised" at the kids' vocabulary level.More

PAISD Bilingual Education, ESL programs aim to increase language proficiency
The Port Arthur News
Learning a second language is not always easy. It often requires full immersion to become fluent and proficient. That's why adults spend hundreds of dollars on language-learning software, equipped with videos, games, flashcards — anything that might help further the instruction. That's also why children naturally pick up the language of their parents. Every aspect of their young lives is influenced by that language — their brains take it all in and process every syllable, every pause, every voice inflection to convey tone.More

International students flock to US high schools
USA Today
Tens of thousands of students from foreign countries are enrolling in U.S. high schools, in most cases as a first step toward applying to U.S. colleges and universities, a study out Tuesday says. Most are from China. More

Camp helps Arkansas students practice bilingual skills
Northwest Arkansas Times
Thirty-two students in the Springdale School District of Arkansas are attending the Sin Limites camp at J.O. Kelly Middle School, said Cassandra Satterfield, a camp volunteer.More

Retirees help international students with English
The Associated Press via Zanesville Times Recorder
International students at a southwest Ohio college are getting help with conversational English from retirees. A Wright State University initiative called Conversation Partners matches retired faculty, staff and spouses with students seeking extra practice to improve their English.More

Summer school fills in gaps for migrant students
Springfield News-Leader
Sixth-grader Van Thang immediately comes across as bright and articulate, explaining in English — not his first language — that he loves to learn and plans to become a physician. But like many of Springfield's migrant students, there are gaps in his education, academic terms he's never been taught and words he struggles to understand because he didn't grow up in the United States.More

Recent study sheds new light on second language learning in adulthood
Medical Xpress
A recent study shows that assimilation of L2 vowels to L1 phonemes governs language learning in adulthood; researchers urge development of novel methods of second language teaching. The behavioral and neural evidence of the study was found by researchers at Aalto University in Finland and at the University of Salento in Italy. The study was the first one to identify the neural mechanisms underlying the learning of L2 sounds (second language) in adulthood.More

Where are the nation's 'most productive' school districts?
Education Week
Is your school district spending its likely tight budget on the right things? New reports suggest many aren't. Three reports by the Center for American Progress, a progressive think tank, examine whether districts are properly targeting their budgets to areas that will most effectively address academic success for students. The reports are a follow-up to a similar assessment the group completed in 2011.More

Infants begin learning speech mechanics long before their first word; speaking to them early is key to language development
Medical Daily
Babies are wonderful beings. Sure, they scream and cry uncontrollably, dribble everywhere, and you're cleaning up after them constantly. But put all that to the side, and what you're left with is a lovable little thing that always seems to be learning something new — it's rather impressive, actually. One of their biggest moments comes when they utter their first word, and a new study now finds that in order for this to happen, infants begin rehearsing the mechanics of language much earlier.More