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Oct. 24, 2013

43rd Annual NABE Conference — Feb. 12-15
Sailing into the 21st Century: Multiple Languages. Multiple Paths. Lifelong Advantages.

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Fostering STEM vocabulary development in ESL students
By Beth Crumpler
With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, content area literacy is a huge focus right now. The Common Core State Standards places development focus in the literacy of math and the literacy of in science and technical subjects in English language arts. Science, technology, Engineering and math content areas are extremely technical and difficult for ESL students to understand. To meet the literacy objectives under the Common Core State Standards, ESL and content area teachers must work together to in teaching STEM content area vocabulary.More

Casper, Wyo., school seeks to make students bilingual
Wyoming Public Media
A school in Casper, Wyo., has started teaching some of its classes in Chinese. The idea is that the students in those classes will grow up bilingual. This is the first Chinese immersion program in a Wyoming school, but data from other states that have similar programs show a wide range of benefits. Wyoming Public Radio's Willow Belden reports.More

ESL students become published authors through Research Labs program
My Suburban Life
While some writers struggle for years to get their big break, three Glen Ellyn, Ill., students can now call themselves published authors, thanks to their own hard work and a little help from the American Reading Company. As part of their English as a second language classes last year, the Hadley Junior High School students researched and wrote 15- to 20-page nonfiction books on the topics of their choice.More

It's time to stop wasting time — The Hispanic community needs for Congress to pass immigration reform
With the government shutdown and debt ceiling crises temporarily set aside, Congress now has time to answer the public mandate for commonsense immigration reform. This legislation would bolster our economy, reform the immigration system so that families can be together, and create an earned path to citizenship for 11 million people now in the country without documents. Below is a statement from Brent Wilkes, executive director for LULAC. More

Casper, Wyo., school seeks to make students bilingual
Wyoming Public Media
A school in Casper, Wyo., has started teaching some of its classes in Chinese. The idea is that the students in those classes will grow up bilingual. More

Benefits of being bilingual: Why we should learn a second language
Many Hollywood celebs know the advantages of being bilingual, especially Latino stars who embrace their Hispanic heritage and proudly speak their native Spanish language. More

Bilingual speakers develop mental flexibility
Researchers are learning that the benefits of being bilingual extend well beyond enhanced communication capabilities.More

Call for papers — Special issue on the Trayvon Martin case
Making sense of the Trayvon Martin verdict: What does it say about justice and education?The not guilty verdict of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin generated intense and varied reactions, both in the United States and throughout the world. To some, the verdict is further evidence that the lives of African American men are disposable in this nation; yet others have asserted that George Zimmerman rightfully "stood his ground" when threatened. More

High tech language learning at Somerville High School in New Jersey
Somerville Patch
This isn't your father's language lab. Beginning this school year, the approximately 750 Somerville High School students who study Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, French and Portuguese have been taking lessons in a state-of-the-art interactive learning lab with slick Apple-computer work stations.More

How a radical new teaching method could unleash a generation of geniuses
José Urbina López Primary School sits next to a dump just across the U.S. border in Mexico. The school serves residents of Matamoros, a dusty, sunbaked city of 489,000 that is a flash point in the war on drugs. There are regular shoot-outs, and it's not uncommon for locals to find bodies scattered in the street in the morning. To get to the school, students walk along a white dirt road that parallels a fetid canal. On a recent morning there was a 1940s-era tractor, a decaying boat in a ditch, and a herd of goats nibbling gray strands of grass.More

K-12 advocates braced for fresh budget battles
Education Week
School districts anxiously awaiting another round of across-the-board cuts to federal education programs will have to endure another few months of uncertainty, under a bipartisan deal that put an end to the first government shutdown in nearly two decades and prevented the nation from defaulting on its debt. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief as the impasse came to an end, education advocates are steeling themselves for yet another high-stakes budget battle. The agreement signed by President Barack Obama Oct. 17 to end the partial shutdown would keep all programs in the U.S. Department of Education running at current funding levels until Jan. 15.More

Bird study finds key info about human speech-language development
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center via Science Daily
A study led by Dr. Xiaoching Li at the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Neuroscience Center of Excellence, has shown for the first time how two tiny molecules regulate a gene implicated in speech and language impairments as well as autism disorders, and that social context of vocal behavior governs their function. The findings are published in The Journal of Neuroscience.More

Seattle Public Schools prepares English language learners for success in a globalized world, new alliance report finds
Using Seattle Public Schools as a model, a new report from the Alliance for Excellent Education shows how high-quality curriculum and innovative school designs that support the use of students' home languages, as well as English, produce better outcomes for English language learners. The report, Embracing Linguistic Diversity: The Role of Teacher Leaders in Building Seattle's Pipeline of International Schools, also shows how SPS develops educators who value diversity and emphasize language development to further a districtwide focus on international education and global competency.More