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Feb. 13, 2013

Feds propose ban on chips, candy from schools
The Washington Times
The U.S. Department of Agriculture submitted a proposal, congruent with first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to combat childhood obesity, that will essentially ban unhealthy foods from schools nationwide. The department has already overhauled school lunches, but it wants to take it a step further: Ban all potato chips, candy and soda on campuses.More

Special offer from NAC
Be among the first of your peers to send best wishes to Bob Shimmin, Vice President of Food & Beverage for Cinemark USA, Inc., the recipient of the 2013 Bert Nathan Award. More

CinemaCon 2013 schedule now online
Click here to see the official agenda for CinemaCon 2013. You can download a schedule on NAC specific events at CinemaCon by clicking here. This .pdf document also includes a Meeting Room Reservation form on page two. NAC will have a Meeting Room at CinemaCon available for NAC Members from Tuesday through Thursday (April 16-18) during the hours listed for reserved business meetings.More

Mountain Dew Kickstart: Soda giant unveils new breakfast drink
The Huffington Post
If you don't like coffee or tea, Mountain Dew has a new breakfast drink that might perk you up. PepsiCo Inc. is rolling out a new drink called Kickstart that has Mountain Dew flavor but is made with 5 percent juice and Vitamins B and C, along with an extra jolt of caffeine. More

Hostess cleared by court to auction off Twinkies brand
Reuters via The Huffington Post
Hostess Brands Inc, the bankrupt maker of Twinkies snack cakes, received court permission to proceed with auctions for several of its brands, including Twinkies and Wonder Bread. The U.S. Bankruptcy Court in White Plains, N.Y., cleared Hostess to sell off assets related to its Hostess and Dolly Madison Brands.More

After soda regs, Bloomberg's New York City eyes Styrofoam ban
The Washington Times
First, he limited the size of drinks allowed throughout the city. Now Mayor Bloomberg and his administration are mulling a ban on the plastic foam cups they're sold in. Polystyrene foam, sometimes sold under the brand name Styrofoam, is popular at thousands of delis and food carts across New York. The city prepares to roll out a major recycling announcement in the coming weeks, with Styrofoam cups on the chopping block, a Sanitation Department official said. More

Red palm oil could color foods without food coloring
Sternchemie says its new red palm oil provides a clean label way to color foods naturally without using food colorings that have to be listed on ingredient lists. The oil is derived from the flesh of palm fruits, which have naturally high beta-carotene content. More

Why food prices are heading to new highs
ETF Daily News
Last year's drought drove up prices of grains such as corn, wheat and soybeans. Soybean prices jumped 40 percent earlier in 2012 while wheat prices soared about 50 percent. If you thought your grocery tab was high in 2012, brace yourself because this year will be even worse.More

Pizza Hut launches mini pizzas
Pizza Marketplace
Pizza Hut unveiled its newest offering during its Super Bowl commercial Feb. 3. The new Big Pizza Sliders are made with Pizza Hut's pan pizza dough and are sold nine to a box for $10 or three for $5. Customers can choose up to three different recipe combos with up to three toppings each. More

Cambridge to 'move slowly' on soda size ban
GateHouse News Service via Wicked Local Cambridge
City officials in Cambridge, Mass., plan to "move slowly" on a proposed limit to the size of sodas served at restaurants and other eateries, opting instead to look at a similar ban on sugar-sweetened drinks moving its way through the local government in New York City.More

New Lay's Potato Chips: Chicken & Waffles, Cheesy Garlic Bread, Sriracha
The Huffington Post
The next Lay's potato chip will taste like chicken and waffles. Or cheesy garlic bread. Or Sriracha, a hot sauce often used in Thai dishes. Lay's is letting potato chip lovers decide which one of the three will be its newest flavor. All of them will be sold at retailers nationwide. After trying them, fans have until May to vote for their favorites. The flavor with the most votes will stay on store shelves.More